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” I quit my job to be a full time hairstylist”

Hello people!!!!!!!

I am back again with another reveal, and this is my third interview with a hairstylist and trust me, all three are unique in their own different ways. Forget that the industry is saturated, you can still leave a mark. Today, I have with me Ese Abigail Itua, CEO of EAhair.

Pam: I am aware you quit your job to venture into hairstyling full time.
EAhair: Yes you are correct, many people ask why I would quit a degree related job to pursue a hairdressing career. Well my answer is why not? I have come to realise that it is very important to Invest time into a skill, and for me, a God given skill was my creativity, especially in the use of my handy work. Not only that, I find great satisfaction in making people happy and if I can do that by giving women a good hair do, why not? They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. I remember when I got my first weave in year 8, it was poorly done and ever since then I made up my mind to never allow anyone do my weave again.
Another thing about my person is, I don’t agree with being stuck in doing one thing and one thing only. That is another reason why I decided to quit my job. I am still passionate about working with young people especially the disadvantaged/less Privileged and doing hairdressing/owning my own business is going to lead towards that.


Pam: How do you intend to go about that?

EAhair: I believe everyone has their personal path and for me, in my heart this is where I believe God is leading me to.


Pam: That’s a good one

Pam: What prompted that decision and any regrets so far?
EAhair: The realisation that I was being held down/limited from achieving what I was passionate about prompted the move.  Also not being able to spend time with my family and friends as I believe that is a very important part of living a fulfilling life. I have no regrets so far, as I have the privilege of working around my own time, deciding what I want to do and when to do it (living like a boss)!!!

Pam: There are lots of people in your present field, do you sometimes feel threatened?If yes, why? If no, why not?

EAhair: To be honest, initially  I had no thoughts of my competitors but the moment I decided to go fulltime and actually quit my job, anxiety and all the worries kicked in… Will I make it? Am I good enough? What if this Person is better than myself? Will they stand in my way? I’m telling you this because it’s natural for us humans to compare ourselves with others and feel threatened but it isn’t about that! The real issue is ourselves. So yes I had to work on my mind and realise that there is enough place for all of us to make it. But while doing that, I learnt and decided that all I need to worry about is just always doing the best I can so I can be the best of me for my clients.

Pam: Mindsets do go along way. There’s no need to be threatened by others. Focus on getting your grass greener.

Pam: Are there individuals you look up to your field of expertise?

EAhair: Yes there are quite a lot, including Francesca De-mori owner of Freedom Couture Salon as I admire Her passion, hard work and success at such a young age. I think it is important to have people that you look up to as they can act as an inspiration and encouragement to achieve more and better for yourself and not give up on your passion.


Pam: How do you market your business?
EAhair: Social media!!!! Instagram @eahair , www.Facebook.com/eahair and I am presently working on my website. I also have business cards which I try to take along with me everywhere I go and sometime leave them in stores. Meeting new people out and about and so on.

Pam: What has been your biggest challenge so far?
EAhair: The biggest challenge for me so far I would say is management, especially during times when I am so busy. Especially getting the hang of sorting schedules, working, keeping up to date on social media and also dealing with my finances/tax and so on. But there are ways around it which I am currently working on. Also sometimes knowing that it is up to me to get up can be challenging especially when you just want a lazy day LOL.

Pam: We all do crave for lazy days


Pam: What does success look like for your business?
When success comes for my business we all will know.

Pam: Keep watching guys.

Pam:In your own view, what are the 5 major characteristics any entrepreneur should portray?
EAhair: Passion, organisation, hard work, positive mindset and Passion!! Passion is everything!

Pam: Is there anything else you would like us to know about your brand before rounding off?
EAhair: One day I would love people to see EA Hair as not just about hairdressing but also about empowering others to identify their creativity and go for what they are passionate about without fear but with strength. Be the best of You, no matter where you come from


Pam:What do you do for relaxation purposes?
EAhair: Honestly, I need to do more “Relaxations” but I spend my free time with loved ones.

Pam: Any success that would deprive you from your loved ones is no success at all.

Pam:What is your advice to other startup businesses?
EAhair: If you don’t know anything about business be sure to do your research. Learn about business and your field. Write a detailed business plan. Get a mentor to support you and don’t try to do it on your own. I went through The Princes Trust and they supported me with everything I needed to start a business.

Pam: As a young woman, what’s your advice to women generally and in terms of owning their businesses?
EAhair: Be strong, positive, and aim to be a woman you would one day want your daughter to become.


Pam: What impact would this interview have on your business?
EAhair: Hopefully a positive one. I hope that people have learnt more about myself and my brand.

Pam:Finally, can you supply your contact details for individuals who would be interested in your service?

EAhair: Sure!!!
e-mail: eahair@hotmail.com for Bookings
YouTube: Ese Abigail
Instagram: eahair

That’s all from EAhair, I hope you learnt something cause I did and that’s don’t be scared to take some drastic decisions especially when you passionate about it.


Just so you know every single hair was done by EAhair☺️

Thanks for reading and watch out for our next reveal!!!!!!

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  1. Itua Eyefiujiri Akpasubi
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    Wao! You doing a very good job dear, just keep the flag flying! I am so certain the sky will be your starting point because the Lord will sure bless your hand work! Bless you my dear!

  2. Victory Oforji
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    So proud of you cousin.

  3. tanya
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    Such a truly insperational young lady so much more to give other than amazing hair styles definitely someone for you people to look up well done

  4. Adaze Arubi
    | Reply

    God will continue to see you through.

  5. fabulux mum
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    This is very encouraging and inspiring,you are a bunch of talent..may God bless you with more wisdom,skills and abilities…never get discouraged because alot of people are looking up to you..

  6. Ero Itua
    | Reply

    Wow this is amazingly encouraging n empowering. Remain blessed sis.

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