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Don’t you just love that smile. Anyway, that’s CEO SOTU apparel. So I love entrepreneurs and the ship they sail in and please don’t say ” must it be ladies”. Oh well…it’s obvious, I am ONE. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Don’t just look at pictures ohhhhh, please read cause yours maybe the next and you would love others to read.

Drum roll!!!!! Keep clapping as I introduce to you the brand “SOTU Apparel”


Pam: Hello CEO!!!! Can you just briefly introduce yourself?

Sotu Apparel: My name is Akinlosotu Oluwatosin Ayodele, CEO SOTU APPAREL, a graduate of Bowen university, Iwo. Presently running a proffesional course in fashion design and pattern making.
Pam: How did you venture into business and can you take us through the journey when it all started?

Sotu Apparel: Well as I always tell people fashion is in my blood, it runs through my veins. Its a family thing passed down from my great great grand mother. I started drawing since I was like 7 years old, stopped at some point and then started again 2008, and then my aunt loved my designs and she told my mum I should go into sewing, that no tailor will bring out my designs like I will do. I started sewing 2010 and ever since I haven’t stopped till date.

Pam:Whatโ€™s your brand about and what problem is it out to solve?

Sotu Apparel: “SOTU” which is my brand name is basically into female wear, hopefully in the future male wears will come in play. ย Sotu apparel which is an upcoming brand is here to provide “ready to wear” dresses which is an everyday wear, and also “haute couture” for exquisite occasions. You ask what am I out to solve, now let me tell you a very big problem in this our industry, “disappointing tailors” and “late customers” so SOTU APPAREL is here to meet the needs of these two set of people mentioned.
Pam:There are lots of people in your present field, do you sometimes feel threatened? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Sotu Apparel: Yes there are lots of people in every field, but what I do makes me stand out, although its not different from the usual. Well, am really not threatened by my competitors, life is a race, am just running mine.

Pam: On your mark, get set, ready…GO!!!!!

Pam:How did you get funds to startup?

Sotu Apparel: Well, I must confess God is faithful, I started by convincing people to give me their fabrics, they deposit, I work on their clothes and they balance me. Then it got to a time they didn’t ย have to deposit and basically ever since God has being faithful, I never had reasons to touch my business money even when I was broke, I kept on saving till it grew.
Pam:At what stage would you say your business is presently?

Sotu Apparel: Well,my business is still at the initial stage, because of change of environment, and the course am currently running. But there is a lot of progress.

Pam: How do you market your business?

Sotu Apparel: Its very easy, I always wear my outfits, to church, normally outing, weddings, etc, and that is how I sell my product. I AM MY PRODUCT and MY PRODUCT IS ME.

Pam:What has being your biggest challenge so far?

Sotu Apparel: Basically power supply, our nigerian society is not really helping, then a little bit of finance, looking forward to getting sponsors hopefully or investors.
Pam: What does success look like for your business?

Sotu Apparel: Well when there is life, there is hope. God has made the way, I just follow his plans, and he makes the success look just the way he wants it.

IMG_9981ย ย IMG_9993
Pam: Three years from now where do you see your business?

Sotu Apparel: By the grace of God I see SOTU APPAREL creating waves in the northern part of Nigeria starting with Abuja and Kaduna. I see SOTU APPAREL having employees, and meeting the needs of client and basically reaching to those who can’t afford clothing which is our goal.
Pam: What are 5 major benefits you want to impact into the lives of anyone that comes in contact with your business?

Sotu Apparel: 1. I want to make our young females to know that they can still look beautiful as well as modest. 2. For people to know that age has nothing to do with your attainment of success. 3. Jesus Christ, which is the basic purpose for our existence. 4. To make them know, nigerian fashion designers exist. 5. Most importantly not all tailors disappoint.

Pam: Is there anything else you would like us to know about your brand before rounding off?

Sotu Apparel: Well people should just watch out for SOTU APPAREL.

Pam: I am definitely.
Pam: What is your advice to other startup businesses?

Sotu Apparel: Just start, and take it one day at a time, keeping God in mind.

Pam: As a young woman, what’s your advice to women generally and in terms of owning their businesses?

Sotu Apparel: I don’t believe in women lazing around or just sitting down at home forming house wife or that my husband said I shouldn’t work, that is absolute crap, “sorry men if am spoiling your market” but really, wanting to take care of your home, family and kids does not stop you from running a business of having a handwork, it even gives you an edge to support your husband and take care of your kids, not everything you have to ask you husband for, “my mum is a typical example I learnt from her”. So start up something, no matter how small you think it is, just keep in mind it will definitely grow.

Pam: Ladies/Women, I hope you are hearing ohhhhh, don’t say we weren’t told ohhhh.

Pam: Finally, what impact would this interview have on your business?

Sotu Apparel: I feel it will create more awareness about SOTU APPAREL and increase my client base.


That’s all from SOTU Apparel. I hope you feel motivated to start. There is no excuse exclusive enough to stop you from being a blessing to yourself and generations.

You can contact SOTU Apparel via Instagram @akinloso2 or send her an emailย Sotuapparel@gmail.com.

I hope you didn’t just look at photos if you did better start from the top again.

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