A Chat with Pam: MVA Jewels

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“With my account reading zero balance, I knew there had to be a way out”


You can’t be tired cause I am not and there are no intentions to that happening. To all those who read our last documentary and the ones before that, thanks so much and God bless you.

I do believe the stories of these ladies has inspired someone to start or continue from where they stopped.

With me today is the CEO of MVA Jewels as she would be narrating to us what prompted her move to start her business.


Pam: For someone who studied Bsc (Hons) mathematics and Sports Science, why the interest in entrepreneurship?
MVA Jewels: Being a follower of Christ I believe it is through refining your skills that you establish your purpose. I started up MVA jewels a year after I went into university. I knew it was going to be tough but I also knew it meant an opportunity for a greater testimony by the grace of God. So anything that I do, I do it well. I remember taking equipments e.g. scissors, glues, fabric etc on the bus to campus during exam season, just so I can make more jewellery in time for RY Conference.
Pam: Why did you decide this particular field?
MVA Jewels: I have always had the desire to own a type of afro-print accessory. There was a particular day it hit me that I didn’t have any money to buy one and I also kept spending money that I did not have. So literally, I forced myself to learn how to make a hoop earring that day and that was where the journey began.

Pam: How do you market your business?
MVA Jewels: Through social media; Instagram:@Mva.Jewels, Facebook: @Mva.Jewels and through friends and family.

Pam:What has been you biggest challenge so far?
MVA Jewels: My biggest challenge is actually advertising the business. I sometimes get close family friends telling me they’ve not heard about the business.

Pam: You metioned being broke and that was what prompted this business. Does that imply that MVA Jewels is a short term business?
MVA Jewels: No! Definitely not.

Pam: Glad to hear… what should we look forward to from MVA Jewels?
MVA Jewels: Oh there’s so much more to come. So many ideas and plans on my lists. Just keep an eye out and be prepared

Pam: Is there anything else you would like us to know about your brand?
MVA Jewels: My entire products are 100% handmade by me and I also do personalised orders for parties, aso ebi etc.

Pam: What is your advice to other start up businesses?
MVA Jewels: Honestly follow your dream and do not let anyone tear you down. With patience, endurance and Christ you will be successful.
Pam: What’s your advise to young women generally and in terms of managing their business?
MVA Jewels: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I have had so many opportunities to showcase my business by simply asking questions. Also, every customer is important, customer service is key.

Pam: Do you envisage partnership any time soon?
MVA Jewels: Yes definitely. Currently in contact with some other businesses such as HMO.jewels.
Pam: Finally, can you supply your contact details for individuals who would be interested in your products?
Number: 07984922771
Email: mvaenquiries@gmail.com

At the end we decided to have fun, not every time serious acts.

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I am sure you have learnt something new cause I did and that’s ” don’t be afraid to put yourself out there”.

Don’t waste the weekend, start planning!!!!!!

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