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I am glad you are reading this, because I wrote it specifically for you.

For those wondering why they should read this, it’s because you learn from other people stories instead of wasting time with random gists.

I have known Precious Amosun for 2 years now, and even though she doesn’t come across as an entrepreneur, she’s a lady who has LAUNCHED OUT and that’s the idea.


Don’t just look at the pictures, READ, LEARN AND SHARE!!!!

Pam: It’s good to finally have you here Precious (you can run but you can’t hide) #winks

I know quite a lot about you, but our readers don’t so please enlighten them.

Precious Amosun: I describe myself as a God-lover, worshipper, and a young lady who is passionate about helping people become who they were originally created to be. God helps me do this through singing, writing and speaking, whenever and wherever I have the opportunity to do so. I am also very passionate about youths and ladies.
I have a blog – mylegacyseries.blogspot.com – where I share whatever God lays on my heart for the benefit of others. I am also the author of “Spheres of the youth: Yes, you can!” a book written for youths which focuses on lessons God has taught me with respect to various aspects of the life of the youth.

Finally, I am a graduate of Covenant University with Honours in Biochemistry and currently rounding up my Master’s degree.


Pam: I knew all that, but it’s better hearing it from the horse’s mouth. That’s what I am talking about, passion to profit.
Pam: I know Precious quite well, although she doesn’t come across as an entrepreneur, she has launched out. Let’s find out what’s her perspective regarding entrepreneurship?
Precious Amosun: I must say that indeed launching out is a huge part of my story. It really took a lot of personal work and although I don’t think of myself as an entrepreneur, I believe in launching out as it constitutes a huge part of the entrepreneur’s lifestyle. I think there’s that point in the entrepreneur’s life when he/she comes to the realization that nothing will be done about his/her ideas, skills, talents etc until they consciously decide to get things done. I have always exempted myself from anything entrepreneurship but I doff my cap for the entrepreneurs because the risks they take could be overwhelming to non-entrepreneurs.
This to me, is what entrepreneurship is largely about; risk-taking, boldness, launching out, creativity, ingenuity etc, and I strongly believe that it is the future for the next generation.


Pam: A big shout out to all the entrepreneurs out there.

Pam: Like she said, she is passionate about ladies.
Pam: Precious, I am sure you are aware of the numerous women empowerment movements, what’s your take on it?
Precious Amosun: In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with the idea of empowering women in itself. A saying goes, ͞Train a woman and you have trained a whole generation͟. My only reservation about the present day women empowerment is that most of these movements have left the important things and have chosen to dwell on minors. The highly significant issues are being neglected for trivial issues. Some women have serious self-esteem issues which has eaten into them deeply and has prevented them from being successful. Yet instead of addressing the crux of the matter, they would rather go fighting for equality with the men. This should not be!
Women should be empowered however, they must be careful not to lose their dignity and PURPOSE in the process. We are women… Our power lies in understanding who God has made the woman to be (her roles, rights and privileges from God’s point of view), and in relishing our womanhood.

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Pam: Well said!!!!
Pam: Have you been in any leadership position at any point in your life? If yes, what have you learnt about leadership?

Precious Amosun: Yes, I have had the opportunity to lead a couple of times and one of the things I have learnt is that leadership is service. If the lives of those I lead isn’t improving then something must be wrong with my leadership strategy. I have also learnt that God must have trusted me so much to have committed those lives and destinies into my hands therefore, I am under obligation as a leader to neither fail them nor fail God who assigned me to them. Finally, I have learnt to always come down to the level of my team members; share my experiences with them and help them understand that the leader is human and as such also faces challenges but we decide whether to be overcome by those challenges or overcome them.


Pam: In what ways can you say you have influenced your generation so far?
Precious Amosun: Well, I believe by doing whatever God asks of me, my generation is being imparted knowingly or unknowingly. So, all that God has helped me to do so far I believe, has influenced my generation positively. I also live with the consciousness that people are watching and my lifestyle could determine how they live their lives in the long run… That on its own is influence.

Pam: What is your advice to single ladies out there?
Precious Amosun: Know your God! Know your worth! Know your purpose for living! Never settle for less than the best!
Pam: What are some personal things you would like to achieve in the next 5 years?
Precious Amosun: Write more books as God lays on my heart, worship some more, help more people discover themselves, reach out to those at the grassroots of the community, especially rural areas, meet more amazing people like Pamsotu’s CEO฀… Get married ฀… Fulfill all of God’s plans basically.


Pam: We want to keep meeting more amazing people too. Just so you know, she’s a future Pamsotu Bride. #EXCITED!!!!!!

Pam: Lastly, do you have any platform that you use to reach out to youths?
Precious Amosun: Presently, the Internet, social media and any avenue to speak to youths are my platform. More platforms are on the way…


Pam: Yes oh…..more platforms and check out her blog!!!!
Precious Amosun: I’d like to appreciate Pamsotu for this privilege. God bless you and cause to keep soaring!

Pam: Awwww….after begging and pleading. It was a great pleasure having you here Precious Amosun.

You can’t tell me you weren’t blessed. Launching out would involve you facing your fears http://pamsotu.com/you-can-have-it-all/, taking the bull by the horn, it would involve a lot of personal work like precious said, it would involve getting rid of wrong mindsets and I tell you if you are emotional like me, it would involve tears but no GAIN WITHOUT PAIN. 



Great weekend ahead!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Kenneth Adeyemi
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    Great Job Pam… keep it up dear. Really enjoyed d conversation… more of this!
    And a very big KISS to my sweet heart, I agree to all you have said. Weldone dear… God increases you

  2. rafiki
    | Reply

    Beautifully put together…

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thank you

  3. estherwoman
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    Well done Pam! I enjoyed reading. Keep going, more grace!

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thank you dear. God bless

  4. Festus
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    Nice conservation and a good inspiration indeed.. May the Lord help you people.. Through Jesus Christ our Lord …. Ame.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thanks dear and God bless you too

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