Advantage of being a Wedding Photographer

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In every business delivery is KEY and once you can deliver, you gain the trust of your client and this also applies to photography.
Being a wedding photographer is awesome because it doesn’t just end with the couple. Once your job is good, you become the family photographer and trust me, that’s awesome. Once the first kid is born and pictures need to be taken, you are the first person they and would think and trust me you also get to cover subsequent birthday parties.
So I get a call from my client that he wants a passport photograph taken for his little boy and am wondering how do I go about that, anyway I got my bag ready and instead of a single passport photograph, it turned out to be a photo session.
Photography is all about creativity, anyone can learn the skill but not everyone can survive in the market.




There’s something about babies feet, I just can’t put words to it but am sure the picture has a lot to tell.

baby photographer


I am sure, it’s not just me who feels babies things are so cute.
I couldn’t help but take this picture.


Babies and their different expressions but my best is when they are asleep, for me that’s the perfect example of what I call “peace of mind”.




I learnt that most times, an opportunity doesn’t come in it’s full capacity you have got to make it what you want.
Making the most of every opportunity that comes your way is a great way to living life to the fullest.
Great day ahead.

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    Hmmm, Pammy-girl! You’re making us feel it’s time to have babies too. 🙂

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