…ain’t enough

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Somewhere inside
Voices crying out for a release
Longing for an audience
Picturing stardom
Awaiting an applause
Somewhere inside
Hidden faces
Who would open up the curtain?
So as to thrill the crowd
And gain fulfillment
Somewhere inside
Pens with no hands
Empty book stands
No minds stirred
No midnight candles burnt


It’s not just enough to have the talent or ability or make wishes and have imaginations
You have got to believe in yourself
Talent without passion is crap
It energizes your talent, it gives you that push when everything around you is trying to pull you down.



That’s about talent and passion
I hope someone kick starts that ability in them

So I had a wonderful time capturing this highly talented plus passionate drummer
All he said was “take me pictures while drumming” but then he turned out to be a good model.



Who said instrumentalist can’t model with their instruments?


5 Responses

  1. Ayinla Oluwaseun
    | Reply

    true that!……

  2. Prof O
    | Reply

    It runs in the blood. Used to be a good drummer too in my youthful days. Keep up the good work.

  3. Aaron Nuel
    | Reply

    Very true… Talent without passion and Hardwork is nothing….. Talent is NOT ENOUGH to make an Impact in your world… God Bless you Pamsotu…

  4. Esi Agada
    | Reply

    Passion is the drive and trusting in the Lord. God bless you mamap. Keep on with your passion.

  5. Ronny King
    | Reply

    Interesting Piece. It is a timely Truth to say the least, that where talent becomes Lazy and Non-Challant, Hardwork beats it. It is then better to have a Naïve hardworker, than a Talented fool

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