Beautiful people

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There are many beautiful PEOPLE in this world, never forget you are ONE of them.

It’s so easy to forget to see the good and beautiful things in a world filled with so much pain and sadness but the fact that there’s darkness doesn’t deny the existence of light.

Your perception about life would determine your response towards it.

For me, events are opportunities to capture beautiful faces and attach beautiful memories to them.

All you need is smile to silence the frown,


and a good laugh.

IMG_8212   IMG_8143

What does “beautiful” mean to you? Is it just synonymous to a pretty face, an appealing smile or a warming attitude?

A pretty face is nothing without a beautiful heart…anyway I still captured beautiful people

IMG_8176 IMG_8173 IMG_8186 IMG_8224

Life can be so…..that it steals away the candidness from us, but events gives me the opportunity to recover those times, and that makes me realise that people are watching.

IMG_8141 IMG_8148 IMG_8150 IMG_8223 IMG_8192 IMG_8206 IMG_8282 IMG_8283

We all know life is short, life is a teacher, life is……but it’s not about what life is but what you are doing with yours.

Whose life are you impacting? What legacy are you leaving?

Or are we so engrossed in technology to the point of not being aware of who’s beside us?

IMG_8242  IMG_8247

Life is beautiful and so are you, but your being beautiful is beyond that face or body. It starts from the heart.

Don’t let life steal your joy away, don’t let anyone look down on you, don’t get too conscious to the point of loosing your uniqueness.

Live life with the confidence that you are all that you can be cause God has given you the capability to be so.

Keep enjoying your week!!!!








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