Before you go ‘pro’ with the camera

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Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be a photographer and it’s not a bad thing.
There are lots of moments to be created and captured, so there’s room for everyone.
But just before you buy that camera….
There were things I wish I knew before I bought my first professional camera.

1.Photography is an art: Photography is not the camera, It’s an expression, a form of art and definitely a love affair with life. The camera is just a tool to record created moments.

2. Equipment are expensive: If I had known this, I would have started saving a long long time, especially if you going into the business, you need to know that cameras, lenses and other equipment can cost a fortune a times. SO SAVE UP!!!!!

3. It’s not by product: Sorry to say, but I discovered that it’s mostly here in Nigeria that we make a big deal about the product of the camera. You see people arguing about Canon(though I am a canon lover) and Nikon. Truth is that photography first starts from your eyes. Once you can see it, you can capture it.

4. It’s not by megapixel: I used to think that the higher the megapixel, the better the picture quality or the better the camera but that’s not totally true. It’s so annoying when the first question people ask when they see a picture is “What camera do you use? or How many megapixel is your camera?”
Like seriously!!!

5.Lenses are Important: I didn’t know nada about lenses and of course I didn’t know they could be as expensive as a camera body. Most times cameras bodies come with kit lenses and that’s a good start pending when you discover your niche. But it is advisable you read all you can about lenses because there are different types for different purposes.

6. Hobby or Business: Before you buy that camera ask yourself “Is this a hobby or am I going professional?” For me, I loved taking pictures and I felt why not get a DSLR which I did and after undergoing a training, I realized there was the business aspect to it and of course, I wasn’t prepared.
I got into the business and discovered my kit lens wasn’t sufficient and my in-built flash won’t go down well for events and my marketing skills were quite poor and I had no savings. You can imagine it all.

7. Laying hands: Borrow if you have to or rent if you can afford to. I didn’t try using a friend’s camera to at least know how it works, I just went ahead and bought what I felt was good and that wasn’t a good move. It’s good to try different camera products and find the one you comfortable with.

I know the passion is there and you can’t wait to lay hands on your own DSLR but take a chill.
Knowledge is key.
Next time, I would be sharing with you “Before you go into the business” but pending that, don’t hesitate to share the things you wish you knew before you got your first professional camera.
Great day ahead.

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