Black girl, long hair

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Happy new year!!!!!!

So glad to be able to share my art with you all.

I know you all know the latest hair trend and that’s virtually every female gender is natural or going that direction. Even I too, practically, I have being natural all my life apart from three years break ( I regret that though).

Anyway, I see no reason why black girls can’t flex with their hair. It’s black, it’s beautiful, it’s has texture, volume and very versatile.


Don’t listen to all that negative talk, that it’s rough or hard, not suitable or some funny actually annoying gist.

For the record, you can achieve whatever length you want to.

I had fun taking pictures of this beautiful black girl with long hair.




If you haven’t noticed, I love black and white photography, for me, it’s capturing the soul, it goes beyond the picture, like trying to read minds.



Watch out for her hair blog line, once it starts, I promise to fill you all in. To all naturalistas out there, fall in love with your hair, enjoy it and be proud of it and if you are not, please fall in love with yourself, don’t allow anyone or anything to intimidate you.

Hair aside,┬áIt’s already six days into the year, and no matter how many resolutions you write, they won’t manifest themselves from the paper. You have got to work them out.

You can achieve whatever you desire, trust God, hold onto to Him and work hard.

Don’t just dream, make them a reality.

I create, I capture and I preserve moments.


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  1. Natu
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    Nice pictures

    • Pamsotu
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      Thanks dear

  2. ebun
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    Wow nice pics. Really long hair n a wonderful pep talk 2 start d year with. Thanks pam

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      You are welcome dearie. Thanks for reading

  3. Divine Jese
    | Reply

    Beautiful pictures, good creativity. Keep it up

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thanks dear

  4. Chucks'
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    • Pamsotu
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