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WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? It’s alright to be AFRAID as long as you don’t allow it to HINDER you. Thank you for taking out time to read our posts, I am sure you enjoyed the last one http://pamsotu.com/its-not-too-late/ I enjoy … Read More

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WAIT OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s OCTOBER already and am like…this year is on a FAST SPEED. I remember Jan 1st, 2016 vividly, the jumping, shouting and screaming. “HAPPY NEW YEAR” One would think that January 1st won’t end. How did we get … Read More

Passion to Purpose 2
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Thank God It’s Friday!!!! Life is so funny I tell you, while others are thanking God cause they get to rest after 5 days of “9am to 5pm” in some cases it’s now “5am to 9pm”, others are happy cause … Read More

Passion to purpose 1
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Happy new week!!!!!   I wish I didn’t just hear these words, but allowed them sink deep down. I would have saved myself from all the jealousy, envy, tears of crying about not having a talent and all of that. … Read More

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