…break the ice…smash the cake

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It is so annoying that people kill each other based on difference in colour or differences based on religion or something unbelievable.
I can’t remember given the choice to choose my skin colour so why should I look down on another just cause they are “white” and for the record, it’s either you light skinned or dark skinned. To even think that some people are referred to as ‘coloured’ for crying out loud, what’s that?
Can we look beyond the differences and break the ice.


Whether you are light skinned, lighter skinned, dark skinned or darker skinned, we are all humans and we have something to offer. Embrace the differences and make the most of it, that’s what makes us unique and stand out.



As always, creating and capturing moments is what I enjoy doing most. I don’t remember being a year old and I am sure you don’t either but photographs happens to be the saving grace. So this little girl turned one and I found it very interesting that all the mom wanted was for her girls to smash the cake as a way to mark the younger daughter’s one year old birthday.



It just made me understand that ‘life is too short for straight face’, ‘life is too short for worries’ when you can as well smash the cake. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
Why stress it when you can enjoy it?
Why worry when you can pray about it?


I hope you had a wonderful easter break and you took some time to reflect and smile and even if there were some tear drops, you didn’t allow that ruin the holiday.
Keep having a wonderful week.

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  1. Tomi
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    nice one!

  2. PK
    | Reply

    Wow!! Definitely the deep truth

  3. Tania
    | Reply

    Well said Pam!!! You are doing great work 🙂

  4. wale
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    Pamilerin you are close…when the time comes it won’t be she got there by luck.. your diligence will speak for you. Kings and Queens will honour you. Great work and write up. Purpose is power

  5. funmi
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  6. 'Ronke
    | Reply

    Definitely lots to think about there.

    More insight to you, PamPam.

  7. Prof O
    | Reply

    Well done. The training paid off. Prof O

  8. Esi Agada
    | Reply

    Good work Pampam. God bless your work.

  9. Olumide
    | Reply

    Pam as usual….full of surprises

  10. Alex Ekeh I.
    | Reply

    “wat can’t kill you can only make u stronger”. This strikes a chord to me.
    Anyways,it’s not about getting to d top, its about “if u have d capacity to stay at d top”. Challenges help us build capacity to sustain God’s blessings. There are blessings God wount give us if we haven’t developed the capacity to handle them. JOSEPH DIDN’T NEED TO GO HOME TO THINK ABOUT PHARAOH’S DREAM BEFORE INTERPRETING IT. He had developed that Capacity through the struggles he had been through. Challenges provide us wit opportunity to SHARPEN our SURVIVAL SKILLS.
    Never give up in the face of that challenged, BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS, And that promised land will definitely become yours.
    Celebrate You.

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