A Chat with Pam: Elizabeth Davies

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Elizabeth Davies is the brain behind L.dee hair, a brand which is directed at beautifying and empowering women and girls of all ethnicity who desire sophisticated hair styling. She is currently undergoing a Masters degree program in Physiotherapy and intends to practice in the near future. She loves to sing, dance and write. 

Elizabeth Davies

Today, she will be talking us through her business, challenges experienced, lessons gained and much more.

Pam: Hello Elizabeth, it’s good to have you here. How are you doing?

Elizabeth Davies: I’m doing well, thanks for having me here!

l.dee hair

Pam: That’s great!!! I am pleased to have you here.

What inspired or motivated you to start generating profit from your skill?

Elizabeth: I would say quite a few things inspired me. Firstly having the knowledge that I could create profit from doing something I love. Secondly, the motivation from friends and family.

L.dee hair

Pam: Knowledge is KEY!!!!!!

Before starting your business, would you have classified yourself as an entrepreneur and can you give reasons to your answer?

Elizabeth: Entrepreneur!!!! No not specifically. Although, ever since I can remember I had  always said to myself that I wanted to manage my own business, start something new and work for myself. It has always been something that was in me but never manifested. The realization of how important it  is to God that I use the gifts and talents He has given me has helped me. So yes, I would certainly classify myself as an entrepreneur now! Don’t allow your gifts and talents to go to waste, or someone else will do it! 

Elizabeth Davies


Pam: Interesting!!!!!

I am aware that you are a student, what challenges have you encountered as a result of this in terms of managing your business?

Elizabeth: Yes I am currently doing my masters to become a Physiotherapist. It is a very demanding course which requires a lot of your time. There have been a lot of challenges that come with trying to manage studying and having a business. There is the tendency for your attention to go towards either studying or business. So it has been difficult but both my course and my business has taught me time management skills. Also, how important it is to keep your passion alive and strive for excellence in whatever you do. So I’m running with those two points to ensure that I put my all into whatever I do! 

Pam: I can’t over-emphasize the importance of time management. 

A little diversion, as a woman have you encountered instances were people treated you differently because of you gender. If yes, how did that make you feel?

Elizabeth: Well yes as a woman and as a black woman too yeah let’s not go there lol. There have been occasions where I’m in an environment where there are mostly men and everyone is expressing an opinion and you express yours and it basically gets shut down. Just because your opinion is viewed as less valuable than one of the other men around. Also for me as there are generally less black people in my working profession, you do get instances where you are treated as if you don’t know as much as another white colleague or they view you as less capable. Let’s face it, it doesn’t make you feel good at all as it makes you question yourself.

Elizabeth Davies

Pam: What has such experience(s) taught you?

Elizabeth Davies: These experiences definitely taught me the need to know your identity and for me that’s in Christ and Christ alone. It taught me to believe and know in my heart that I was created as a woman for a reason. I have a place in this world just as much as a man does.  Also, to really constantly seek and pray about knowing and being secure in myself and my abilities.

Pam: Knowing who you are in Christ is the best thing ever.

If you found yourself or another female in a similar situation, what actions would you take?

Elizabeth: In relation to a work environment, I would advice her to make sure she knows her area of work well so that she can be excellent at whatever she is doing. In terms of expressing opinions in groups where there are mostly men, I would say she should always know that her opinion is valid. Also, she should be clear with whatever she has to say and remember that it can happen in groups of women too. 

Pam: To every lady out there, don’t give anyone space to look down on you cause you are beautiful, smart, enough, valuable, you just name it. 

Pam: Back to your business, so far, what has managing your business taught you?

Elizabeth Davies:I’ll say managing my business has taught me to value my brand. If you don’t believe in your brand who will? It has also taught me the importance of networking and going out to meet new people. As I can be a person who stays at home and watch YouTube videos on my laptop all day (you know this lol). I’ve had to learn to come out of my shell because you will never know who you will meet and so far I have met some amazing people! 

L.dee hair

Pam: It all boils down to believing in yourself, look at Donald Trump.

If you were to start all over again, what changes will you make?

Elizabeth: If I could in terms of business I would start by building a business plan and getting some advice on how to successfully start one. Also focus on social media branding a lot more since these are the times we are in at the moment in order to build an audience.

Pam: How do you intend to empower the society with your business? Better still, let’s narrow it down to women.

Elizabeth: I tend to empower women by reminding them while styling their hair that you should always be your own type of beautiful  #byotb lol! Everyone is unique so walk in your uniqueness.

Elizabeth Davies

Pam: What advice(s) will you give a newborn child based on your life experiences?

Elizabeth Davies: Ooh good question. I would tell them to always remember that life will have its challenges. However, nothing is new under the sun and you are never alone in whatever you go through.

Pam: In my opinion, we struggle a lot because we don’t reach out for help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Lastly, what will you like our audience to remember and take away with them from this interview?

Elizabeth Davies: To remember that you don’t have to have it all together to start something or you will never start! Use the gifts and talents that God gave you and don’t let them go to waste. 

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That will be all for today people. I hope you learnt something new. The aim is to empower, encourage, motivate and inspire. You should also visit her website http://www.lizzdavies.com

Until next week Friday.

Much love from Pam. 


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    I love what you have made for your self its a big step…the interviews are lovely it helps people to realize their dreams and get off the chair just to work harder, the thing is if she or he can do it so could i.I hope to see more coming from you. winkz

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      Thank you for the encouraging words and dropping by.

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