A Chat with Pam: Funmi Kehinde

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Hello, today with us is Funmi Kehinde and because we want this to be more visual and engaging, the link below has been provided to allow you watch and listen to Funmi introduce herself.


Today, Funmi will be talking us through her decision to quit her job to manage her own enterprise, what led to her starting her NGO and many other things.

Pam: I met Funmi at a program in Lagos, we boarded the same bus and that’s how we became friends. Hello Funmi, it’s so nice meeting you again after our first meeting in 2014.

 Funmi Kehinde

Funmi:  I honestly can’t believe it’s been just two years! It’s nice reconnecting with you again dear. 

Pam: Same here dear, I couldn’t contain my excitement, knowing you were close by. If there’s anything I have learnt is “reaching out is the best way to succeed”. 

So Funmi, keep me posted what have you been up to in the past two years?

Funmi kehinde

Funmi: In the last two years I have worked in various roles to build certain skills. I worked as a Business Development Executive and also as a Product Manager both roles helped me build people management and also customer service skills.
I also got selected as a YALI Fellow and completed a project in my community centered on mentoring Junior Secondary School Girls. Also, I am now self-employed. 

Funmi Kehinde

Pam: That’s a lot. Why did you quit your job and what prompted the move to start your own?

Funmi Kehinde: The need to start something of my own and also more time to build up my NGO.

Pam: Did/do you at any point wish you started running your business earlier? If yes, why?

Funmi Kehinde: I started my first business in 2009 by designing and selling jewelries. While doing that I was also working full time and developing skills needed both on my job and also on my business.

Pam: You mentioned running an NGO in your introduction, can you tell us more about it and what are your plans as regards it?

Funmi Kehinde

Funmi Kehinde: It’s called Star Girl Project. We started in September this year with a maiden edition at Comprehensive Junior Secondary School, Ketu, Nigeria. Where we spoke to 29 girls on passion and also career, helping them find a connection between their passion and career. Star Girl has a vision to mentor 10,000 girls in the next 10 years. We have started with 29 and we hope to achieve our goal. We hope every girl mentored would discover their passion and be valuable to every organisation they are part of in future. 

Pam: From this, I can tell you are a woman who believes in empowering others. Other than the NGO, are there other ways you go about this and can you enlighten us?

Funmi: I write articles on personal development on my blog from time to time http://www.careerswithfunmi.com. I also volunteer my time with other charities.

Pam: “You can go FAST on your own, but to go FAR, you need others.

Pam: In my own opinion of which I maybe wrong, but a number of women have been brainwashed into the idea that they can’t “have it all”. This means always having to make choices. The most common is between a successful career and managing a home. What’s your take on this? 

Funmi Kehinde

Funmi: I think it all boils down to what you want for yourself and what you believe is achievable.  If the bible says all things are possible with God then why should you think otherwise ? You can achieve all you want as long as it’s in God’s plan for you.

Pam: What do you want for yourself and what do you believe is achievable?

Pam: Have you found yourself feeling the same way and how have you gotten yourself out of that mindset? 

Funmi:  I have always believed I can achieve whatever I set my mind on. And maybe sometimes it doesn’t happen as I planned. I simply do not give up but I sit and plan how to go about it, and I also pray to God for direction.

Pam: “that it didn’t work out as planned the first time, is not enough reason to give up, KEEP PUSHING”

Pam: Anything else you will like to fill us in probably concerning your business or other endeavors?

Funmi: Star Girl Project is looking to partner with other organizations who have similar goals. We strongly believe that collaboration would help us meet our goals. We would be having two more school  events before the year ends.

Pam: What advice will you give the African girl child?

Funmi: With God all things are possible.


Pam: Lastly, what will you like our audience to take out from this chat?

Funmi: Always believe in yourself and work hard towards your goals. 

Pam: It was a wonderful time having Funmi and here’s her feedback regarding her photo session with our photography team contained in the link below.


This is not just to the ladies but to everyone out there, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. 

Every Friday 6pm GMT, we do REVEAL someone. Stay tuned.


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