A chat with Pam: Gloria Amosun

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Well….just thinking out loud #Edsheeran

Anyway, let’s be serious

Pam: Hello Gloria!!!!!


Guess what? You are the youngest so far that we have had on our platform. How do you feel about this?

Gloria Amosun: I feel really special and privileged to be the youngest person on this platform. I’m actually very happy.

Pam: Awwww……

I know a little about you, but I want to know more and so does our audience, so fill us in?

Gloria Amosun: I am Gloria Oluwafunmilayo Amosun, a student at Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria. I study Microbiology. I do sing, write and I am a fashion entrepreneur. I am a God lover. I also love to do things with my hands and I am quite funny. Also, I am 19.🙈🙈

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Pam: That’s true, I thought I was funny until I met Gloria and she humbled me.

Pam: Since you are the youngest we have had so far, our focus will be age directed. There are different views as regards age, some say it’s just a number, some see it as a barrier, what’s yours?

Gloria Amosun: I view age as a privilege. Many young people don’t do certain things they plan on doing because they are “too young”, but many older people can’t do many things they want to do because they are “too old”. So many things a younger person would do, that will blow minds, would be done by an older person and not seen as “awesome”. So age is a privilege. Make impact while you are young.


Pam: Make impact while you can. Please stop carrying AGE on your head like it’s a LOAD.

Pam: Has there been instances where by you allowed your age prevent you from grabbing opportunities? If yes, fill us in.

Gloria Amosun: Yes. Two years ago, when I was in my 2nd year of Uni, I was given an opportunity to design a wedding dress and bridal train collection for one of the daughters of a very prominent and wealthy family in Nigeria. I kept giving myself excuses till I finally let the opportunity go.


Pam: That must be really sad…what did you realize from that?

No matter the excuse, it’s not valid. 

Gloria Amosun: I realized how much impact I could have made from that one contract.

Pam: I heard from a reliable source that you love doing business. What kind of businesses are you involved in?

Gloria Amosun: Yes ohhh!!!! I love doing business. As I said earlier, I am an entrepreneur and I love to use my hands. I have been drawing designs longer than I can remember. I started out by making beards and painting in primary school. Later on, I started making ankara books alongside my designing. Then ankara shoes and bags and a few other stuffs and then started making some of my clothes myself. But now, I major in my designing facilitated by tailors that work with me. I also give out ankara books as free gifts with dress orders and also as souvenirs for events.


Pam: Wow!!!!!!!!!! Hey people!!!!!!!! There’s no limit to what you can do.

What are the future plans for these businesses?

Gloria Amosun: I plan on owning “the” fashion empire in the nearest future. This, I am working on already.


Pam: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Gloria Amosun: I see myself in the process of owning the biggest fashion designing empire, doing great things for God. I see myself on Forbes under 30 list. In the process of getting married too…


Pam: To every lady out there, I DARE YOU TO DREAM BIG, SEE BIG and MAKE IT BIG.

Pam: What’s your dream for the African girl child and how do you intend to make that a reality?

Gloria Amosun: My dream for the African girl child is that she will be bold and courageous and know her worth. She will have big dreams and be confident enough to live up to them. I plan on empowering the African girl child from my own experiences and writings.


Pam: Finally, what’s your advice to young people?

Gloria Amosun: DO WHAT YOU CAN WHILE YOU CAN. If you don’t push yourself beyond your limits, you will never achieve anything worthy to be called news. Procrastination isn’t only a thief of time, but a thief of ideas. Implement the ideas that God has given you NOW…and CHILL later!


When I face a big challenge I…

…go to the one who is bigger than my challenges: GOD

The most courageous thing I have ever done is…

…take the first step towards living my dreams…at a very young age.

The biggest lesson I have ever learned is…

…never to expect so much from people. Expect very little, so that when much is done, you’re truly grateful.

My favorite quote is…

Don’t be an option, BE THE BEST OF YOU!!!!

It was a great pleasure having you here with us Gloria, hoping to seeing you doing greater things.

You can’t tell me you didn’t learn anything or you weren’t MOTIVATED.

SO READ and SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading this, I hope you can feel my BIG HUG.

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    Thank you very much Pam! I’m honored

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      It was a pleasure having you

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    Awesome….nd inspiring

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      Thanks for reading

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    Good one.

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      Thanks for reading

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    Oh this is nice….pleased to know you Gloria (in excelsis…..lol!)

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      thanks for reading

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