A Chat with Pam: Ifeoluwapo Opajobi

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Hello Readers!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s so beautiful to be back again this year and trust me, I am more fired up to ignite that fire in you to lead you into your GREATNESS.

Today’s REVEAL is not just a baker, there’s more to her entrepreneurial line. I remember seeing her cakes and I felt, she was doing too much and then gave her unsolicited advice but that’s was a mistake.


That taught me to stop giving out unsolicited advice and allow others find the uniqueness in them. 

Keep reading as we get to know more about Ifeoluwapo Opajobi and her line of business. 

Pam: Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and what you do?
Ifeoluwapo Opajobi: My name is Ifeoluwapo Opajobi Christiana. The CEO/Creative Director of iRoyal Cocina. iRoyal Cocina is a brand specialized in making cakes, cocktail and mock-tail drinks, finger foods, desserts as well as grills and sides.
I am a native of OYO state, Nigeria and I just completed my masters degree program at the University of Ibadan, Oyo.

I find it interesting when I see Masters degree holders venturing into the entrepreneurial line.

Pam: How does it feel being the first one to be REVEALED this year?
Ifeoluwapo: WOW!!!! I’m super elated! I feel blessed and honored to be the first person to be REVEALED this beautiful new year.

Pam: Prior to now, have you heard of A Chat with Pam before, if yes, how?
Ifeoluwapo: Errr, No I haven’t heard of A Chat with Pam. It’s my first time.

That’s awesome because we have just expanded our scope of influence.

Pam: As an entrepreneur what has been your biggest challenge so far and how did you/or intend to overcome it?

Ifeoluwapo: Hmmm!!! Okay. My biggest challenge so far and still is, the issue of Transportation i.e making deliveries. This is based on the fact that I deal with delicate products and couple with the bad roads in Nigeria. Making deliveries without smearing the cake is a big challenge, couple with the fact that I am not mobile, makes it worse.
Also, the bartending and other services, transporting equipments such as a mobile bar to my work station hasn’t been easy I must confess.

I plan to overcome this by saving up for a car, as this would ease up things.

It’s one thing to know the challenge, it’s a different game planning how to overcome the challenge.

Pam: What major milestone do you intend to achieve concerning your business this year?

Ifeoluwapo: That will be to make an average learned Ibadan resident aware of a brand called iRoyal Cocina i.e I want to expand and be known for my outstanding work.

Pam: What’s your viewpoint as regards “excuses”?
Ifeoluwapo Opajobi: I see it as a way of dodging responsibilities and as an entrepreneur, you need to always be ready to take full (100%) responsibility of whatever happens in your business.

I always say that no excuse whatsoever is valid. There would be times you would probably fall short, but strive to do what needs to be done.

Pam: What one thing did you do wrongly last year as regards to your business that you would like to correct this year?

Ifeoluwapo: One thing I did wrongly last year that I will not repeat this year is “not pushing myself enough”.

To push oneself is to constantly aim at out doing your last performance. The competition is with yourself.

Pam: As a Young Female African Startup entrepreneur, what’s your advice to other females as regards “Launching Out”?
Ifeoluwapo: Find your strength and make sure it is something you are very passionate about. Starting up comes with a lot of thorns and the only thing that will keep you in place is that passion that drives you. Keep good company of friends that motivate and inspire you. Have a mentor that will guide and advice you.

Pam: From your experience so far as an entrepreneur, what’s your advice to other entrepreneurs?
Ifeoluwapo Opajobi: Keep being the best at what you do. Increase your knowledge periodically by attending master class training. Don’t compete with anybody. Nobody can be like you, so be unique in your own way. Collaboration over competition.


At this point you can say words like “Rhema”, “Deep”, “Insight”. My point is, that is just the truth, when we join forces with others, we are building a stronger team. 

When I face a big challenge, I…
Sit down and think and I remember why I started and where I am headed. I also consult a more experienced colleague in the business that I know can help me out of the situation.

The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as an entrepreneur is…

facing my fears and overcoming them.

If I could go back in time to when I started my business, I would tell myself…

“Ife, it WON’T be easy but you WILL make it. There will be days you will be broke and depressed but just keep thriving and keep your heads up”

The best advice I have ever been given is….

Always remember why you started and at the same time, where you are headed. Never get weary”

My favorite business tool…

hmmm that’s hard cause I’ve got more than one and its not even tools, they are equipment. I love my oven & my mobile bar.

My favorite quote is….

“Never try to compare yourself with anybody, nobody can do you more than you”.

It’s not just about reading the stories of other startup entrepreneurs, but it’s about learning from them and being able to relate to their struggles, challenges, growth and success. 

It happened that the day scheduled for her interview was also her birthday and we decided to preserve the moments for her in addition. 

Those toppings on the cake is what makes iRoyal Cocina stand out.

Because social media platforms are important and because we want you to connect and patronize…

You can find iRoyal Cocina on instagram  handle and another Instagram handle

iRoyal Cocina is also on Facebook

Don’t hesitate to connect. 


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    I love what you do. Great work

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      Thanks for reading.

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    Those pictures are amazing!

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      Thanks . I hope you took time to read the post though.

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    Awwww…I love your work Pam. Ife the cake above look sooooooo sumptuous as usual and those toppings… I love them!!! I’m sure it tasted just as heavenly as the one you made for me during NYSC. Great work sis, keep it up.

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