A Chat with Pam: Ifeoma Benjamin

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I couldn’t find the perfect word to describe Ifeoma Benjamin but I decided to settle with extraordinary. She is the CEO of isabifood an Abuja, Nigeria based brand. 

If you are based in Abuja or you know someone who is and is into anything food related, they need to hook up with her.

Ifeoma Benjamin is not the regular CEO, she is fun, playful and likes to jump. I guess her pictures says it all.

Pam: I am aware that your academic background was in Computer Engineering, what brought about the switch to the food industry?

Ifeoma Benjamin: It’s about passion and doing what makes me happy, I have an agricultural background and its no surprise that I am doing what I am doing.

Pam: How did you come about the name “isabifood”?

Ifeoma: Well, it is funny because I spent an entire day cracking my head on a business name only for me to sleep and wake up with the name iSabiFood.

Pam: Is there more to the brand than just ordering food online? If Yes, can you enlighten us?

Ifeoma: iSabiFood is a resource center for food businesses that aims at solving problems food businesses experience especially using Technology. We are also committed to providing a fast and easy way to connect them to consumers.

Pam: Do you think there are specific challenges associated with being a Female entrepreneur, especially in Nigeria?

Ifeoma Benjamin: Well, Yes. In Nigeria every female is expected to get married and take care of her family not pursue a career. So the level of support given is extremely low. 

Pam: What’s your dream for the food industry in Nigeria?

Ifeoma:  Every home in Nigeria to have their kitchen stocked with mainly made in Nigeria food products.

Pam: What big thing should we look forward to from isabifood in the next 3 months?

Ifeoma: Just watch out and see, won’t let the cat out of the bag.

Pam: What advice would you have given your 18 years old self based on what you know now?

Ifeoma Benjamin: Start early!!! Irrespective of how little the resources you have, just START!!!!!!!!!

Pam: How does isabifood intend to help solve the issue of unemployment among youths in Nigeria?

Ifeoma: By creating more opportunities for youths to engage in through our chains of activities.

Pam: Finally, do you think entrepreneurship is for everyone?

Ifeoma Benjamin: No, there’s more to entrepreneurship than just being your own boss. It takes a lot of time, courage and risks.

When I face a big challenge, I…

take a step back, relax, think and restrategize.

The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as a person is

being an entrepreneur.

If I could go back in time to when I started my business, I would tell myself…

cheap isn’t always good or manageable.

The best advice I have ever been given is….

God has given you an idea, whether you asked for it or not the idea is there, He definitely will not let it fail as long as you do your own part.

My favorite business tool…


My favorite quote is….





 as you are thinking of an idea, there are 5 other people thinking about the same thing, but what makes the difference is your ability to start.

Ifeoma Benjamin is on facebook, don’t hesitate to contact her and also like the page iSabifoods on facebook too.

I don’t know about you, but every reveal is an opportunity for me to learn something new. I can’t over emphasize the importance of PASSION and the need to just START.

Trust me, it’s not like this ladies have got it all together, even myself, sometimes I get really scared and I lose my self-confidence too but I have learnt to keep PUSHING.

I want you to do same too.

TRY, PUSH, START, DO, MOVE, LAUNCH OUT, just don’t be in the same position.

Are you a female startup entrepreneur?

Do you believe your story is worth sharing?

If yes, why not send us an email: pamakinlosotu@icloud.com




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