A Chat with Pam: Japheth Aleyakpo

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Japheth Aleyakpo is an Architect by profession, he manages a design studio that provides graphics and branding services ranging from logos,websites and architectural designs. That’s not all ohhh, he sings and lastly HE IS A TWIN!!!!! I just had to lay emphasis.

I am so sure you didn’t see it coming, a guy being revealed but oh well…we decided to spice things up a bit, give the male gender an opportunity to SHINE before we steal the platform again.

I hope I haven’t said too much anyway…*****drum roll***** presenting

Japheth Aleyakpo


Pam: What does it feel like being the first male to be revealed?

Japheth Aleyakpo: “I never esperrerit” LOL. It actually feels really great and amazing; I count it a privilege. Thanks Pam.

Pam: Awww…you are most welcome.

Pam: Apart from all that I mentioned, what else do you do?

Japheth Aleyakpo: Ermmm…well at the moment I’m taking my architectural profession to the next level as I am currently on a masters degree program in architecture at NTU and I’m also the president of the Souled Out youth, Nottingham, UK; we recently just concluded a praise and worship concert that featured Evans Ogboi and other great ministers in Nottingham. So you can also call me a church boy *laughs*


Pam: Ladies it’s not a bad idea to take notes. ***just joking***

Our focus is usually entrepreneurial, would you classify yourself as an entrepreneur? If yes, why is that?

Japheth Aleyakpo: YES; well for me, I started just in my room and being inspired by designs not looking tush and creative; funny yes? Well, in the sense that I knew I could do better and make people go WOW! hence the name “Wow Syndrome”. Also, another thing that puts me in the category of an entrepreneur is that I did not need a capital to start and I also started without collecting pay…first was to create an impression and a lasting relationship with customers which is quite key for an entrepreneur. When I say “I” that includes my twin brother who is a computer scientist and majors in IT.

Pam: Interesting!!!!

In your own views, what characteristics defines an entrepreneur?

Japheth Aleyakpo: Risk taking and being passionate at what you do, fused with the idea of customers satisfaction.

img_4473 japheth

Pam: Just a little diversion, not only are you the first male to be revealed but also the first TWIN, what’s it like being a TWIN?

Japheth Aleyakpo: Hmmm…to be honest it’s a feeling that cannot be explained; it’s so nice that there are no words to describe it. An incident happened recently which made me appreciate it more. It’s truly a blessing being a twin and having someone that looks exactly like you and think alike at times and all them weird twin stuffs you know about. *smiles*

Pam: At this junction, I wish I could say “I can relate” but unfortunately not.

Pam: Back to business, what has it been like managing your design studio, the challenges and benefits involved?

a chat with pam

Japheth Aleyakpo: It has been an amazing and challenging journey so far…managing it, is not and was never a problem because I’m mobile and distance is not a barrier to the production of design, and so much for the various social media  platforms which has made it even easier by boasting good connection/relationship with customers from different parts of the world.

Pam: Another diversion, what’s your take on “women empowerment”?

Japheth Aleyakpo: Hmmm…women are already empowered, you can ask Eve and probably Adam will testify…LOL

Pam: Very funny.


Japheth Aleyakpo: On a serious note, women empowerment is a good thing and for me it’s sort of a reminder and source of encouragement to women of the inherent capability possessed by them.

Pam: If you were to start all over again in terms of your business, what will you do differently?

Japheth Aleyakpo: Absolutely NOTHING

Pam: Someone seems to be getting it all right then.

Pam: Is there one major thing that life has taught you that you will like to share with our audience?


Japheth Aleyakpo: Believing in yourself is a key thing.

Pam: I totally agree. YOU HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam: Lastly, for those who will like to contact you for business purposes, kindly please make that available.

Japheth Aleyakpo: Facebook: Wow Syndrome Design Studio

Email: wowsyndrome@gmail.com

img_2862 img_2863

Thank you so much Japheth Aleyakpo, we hope you had a great time with us, cause we did.

img_4475  *Him trying to pull off a serious face*

Hello people, I hope you enjoyed the change, cause we did. Until next time, stay tuned, oh sorry it’s not a TV show, anyway, have a great weekend and STAY PRODUCTIVE.

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