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Today we have with us Kwabena Benko aka KB, but before the interview starts, few things I will like to highlight.


KB is the Founder, Managing Director and Lead Dance Instructor of MOVE WITH KB. Today, he is going to be enlightening us more about his brand and what they do.

***drum roll*** presenting


move with KB

Just so you know this is also my first time meeting KB.

Pam: It’s so good to have a Ghanaian with us and just so you know KB, you are our first and I am sure that gladdens you.

KB: I’m glad to be meeting you for the first time as well.

Kwabema Benko

Pam: I was able to go through your works and I must confess you are doing a great job. However, I am sure there’s more to “MOVEWITHKB” than just dance, so fill us in.

Kwabena Benko: Thanks a lot Pam. Hmmmm where do I start from? MOVEWITHKB in a nutshell is a combination of dance and fitness. The idea is to present a fun way to stay in shape. The program is set up to bring all ages and cultures together which is aimed at integrating everyone through dance aerobics. As a result of MOVEWITHKB, I have had the opportunity to teach afrobeat dance in schools and have given it a label “School Sessions”.

Move with KB

Pam: Exercising just got fun guys, there’s no excuse valid for not staying fit, especially those in London,United Kingdom cause MOVEWITHKB is here.

Kwabena Benko

Pam: I am assuming dance started as a hobby, what inspired or motivated you to make a name out of it for yourself?

KB:  Dance did start as a hobby, then it went from a hobby into a career. The reason why I am doing this is to give back to the community for all the support they’ve shown me ever since I started dancing for Fuse ODG. Also, I love working out and I also love dancing, I combine the two together. Moving with me is like being me, I wanted to be able to have a good impact on people through dance so that’s how everything started.


Pam: You mentioned Fuse ODG, who found who and how did it happen?

KB: Fuse ODG released a song called Antenna and did a dance competition…Selasi and I entered the competition and we ended up winning it so we became Fuse ODG’s official dancers touring with him and performing on big platforms such as Capital 1xtra Jingle Ball, BBC2 Newsnight, Wireless Festival, Glastonbury and much more.

For those who want to watch, that’s the link https://youtu.be/kfcKzQg9IxU


Pam: You mentioned “teaching afrobeat dance in schools” that sounds like “passion to profit” to me. What steps did you take?

Kwabena Benko: The idea had been in my mind for a while before it actually came to plan. I gathered my closest friends and sat them down with some crazy ideas and asked them for their honest opinions. To start off I came up with ‘KB Dance’ lol don’t know why… even ‘Afrobuzz’… then out of the blue when I said MOVE WITH KB it just clicked. It spoke a lot dance and movement wise and it can all be put into the same context.


Pam: Like I mentioned earlier, I checked out some of your works and I noticed there is always a new content out there.

Will you classify yourself as an entrepreneur? If yes, why is that?

Kwabena Benko: Most definitely I do because I started my business from scratch.

Pam: I am sure there are a lot of dancers out there, what makes you stand out or what have you done to ensure you stand out?


Kwabena Benko: Yes, there are. What makes me stand out is my individuality. I naturally tell a story whilst I dance, along with my facial expressions. I’ve had the privilege to teach dance in 3 schools in London.  I’m currently teaching dance at a school for their Physical Education class and I absolutely love my job.


Pam: Embrace your individuality, don’t feel ashamed of who you are.

Pam: Do you aim at promoting your African heritage with “movewithKB”? If yes, how do you go about it?

Kwabena Benko: My trade is the clothes I wear and by teaching different dance moves from different parts of Africa. This is why I wear African materials mostly kente to represent my motherland along with my branded T shirt (which is available for purchase). I actually spent part of my childhood in South Africa and Ghana so I always add a touch of that into dance teachings and aerobics.

Pam: What’s your advice to the African child especially in terms of using their talents?

Kwabena Benko:  You’ve just GOT TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and continue to push yourself at it. Do your best and God will do the rest.

move with KB

Pam: What major thing has managing “Move with KB” taught you?

Kwabena Benko: I realized the importance of networking. I found that attending events and projects to promote my brand and business is very important.

Pam: Last but not least what can your followers expect from you in the near future?

move with KB
KB: They’d be pleased to know that MOVEWITHKB has a lot in store particularly in 2017 to look forward to. We are working hard to bring you a lot more, just keep your seat belts on and stay connected 😊

Pam: Lastly, do you believe in women being empowered?

KB: Yes, because we are all equal in Gods eye. It is so important to elevate our women because if it weren’t for women we won’t be in this world!

I hope you learnt something cause I did and that’s GO FOR OPPORTUNITIES. BEING PASSIONATE IS NOT ENOUGH, YOU HAVE GOT TO ACT. 

move with KB

It was nice having you around KB and guess what, he actually left a video, giving us a feedback of his experience with our photography team. Don’t hesitate to click the link.

Also, he has also left a soft copy of his complimentary card so please do like his page on Facebook, follow on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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