A Chat with Pam: Precious Okundia

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I was supposed to spend 45 minutes with Precious Okundia but ended up spending more than 2 hours. I see her as one of the ladies who would be radically changing the lives of “broken” ladies. 

Precious Okundia is a healthy relationship coach, consultant and author. She is a lady worth connecting with. 

Pam: Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this interview. However, a deeper understanding of who you are and what you do, won’t be a bad start. So fill us in…

Precious Okundia: Thank you Pam for this opportunity. It is not a common one at all.
I am Precious Okundia. A Relationship Coach. I hold a BA in French.
I know a lot of people ask why I so deviated from my course of study. (Laughs) It’s the fire in my bones. It burned me out. I spent most of my teen age looking out and helping emotionally hurting and pregnant teens.
It was not supposed to be my business… But I could not ignore the pain I felt in my heart days after I see a hurting girl.

Pam: How did you venture into relationship coaching?
Precious: After I left school, I worked for some years. My salaries went into the same passion. I would rush up my office work so I can set out some time to write books I gave out freely to girls. The feedback was awesome. So I stayed on it.
Then I left my job to do this full time after many months of being unfulfilled and sadness in my job.

I know salaries could be tempting but as a purpose driven person, I won’t advice you to stay in a job where you don’t derive fulfillment. 

Everything was fine and good…but my heart was far away. I felt I was not doing enough to help…I felt responsible for every value losing lady I saw. So I quit my job to pursue my passion. I could not tell anyone the exact reason I quit. I knew they would think I was crazy. But that’s just the true…I am crazy about Ladies.

Pam: From our discussion, I could see your passion for the female gender, what brought about this passion?

Precious: Many years ago, as a teen..I lost my virginity in the most trivial way. It hurt me so badly… Not just the pain, but the thought of living in a society that holds the girl’s virginity very dear. I believed all I was taught as a child and teen that a lady who loses her virginity before marriage has lost her value and beauty. So I started ignoring the greatness budding inside of me. I felt *Not good enough* to be used by God, stayed in hiding and fear every time virginity was mentioned. To the point I started begging to be loved and valued and in turn suffered heart breaks until I came to a breaking moment. I knew it all had to stop, called of every friendship and stayed alone to ask God why me.

Pam: At what point did you say “enough is enough”?

Precious Okundia: When I came in contact with the scripture that says *You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its savor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men* Matthew 5:13
The end said by men..not by God. And Jesus said He came to die for the sick not the healthy..then I realized I was wrong all along feeling valueless… I started to do a study on women in the Bible and discovered ladies who were very involved in ministry with Jesus were harlots. Women who were viewed as useless. Mary, Samaritan woman and more…God took the foolish to confound the wise. They turned evangelists after meeting Jesus.
After I got my own healing, it became a goal to help every lady who gives me an opportunity to help them heal and build female/male relationship the right way.

Pam: You didn’t come across as a feminist even though you are very passionate about females. How so?

Precious: Hehehehe! The world has not given me any good reason to become a feminist. You cannot decide what happens outside you but you can influence all that goes on inside of you. If every lady knows their worth and value, they will naturally find themselves in better and more positive situations with people treating them like the queens they are. That will just render the word *Feminist* unappreciated. Why fight a war that does not even exist?


Pam: I remember mentioning “women liberation” and your reply was “who tie you”. Can you expatiate cause you seem to have a different view about “women liberation”?

Precious Okundia:   I believe very much in women liberation but the only person who needs to do that liberating is the woman herself. No one can physically put you in a cage you have not first entered mentally. When we work on our inside, and stop playing victims, we will discover we have always been free to become anything we want.


Pam: What would your advice(s) be to a lady who just got out of a broken relationship?

Precious: Take a break! Discover why you are on earth. Your husband is waiting on your path of purpose. Going into another relationship immediately will leave you heartbroken many more times.

Pam: At what stage did you see the need to monetize the time spent on coaching and consulting and why?

Precious:  (laughs) Pam why naa? Okay let me try answering this.
At first, it was not so tedious. But as time went on, more people started asking for help that I had just no time for myself. I got broke one week and felt a bit of frustration. It was more of a ministry for me. Something I gladly did for free day or night. But I knew if I wanted to continue to give my best to the ladies coming to me, I had to be able to take care of myself through it. I needed to be comfortable to be at my best always. Putting a price on it makes me stay committed following up these ladies for months and constantly sending them helpful materials. But my price is never neck cutting. It’s just a small investment compared to what you get. (Smiles)

Pam: Who are your target audience and how can they connect with you?

Precious Okundia: My target audience are ladies who believe they have lost value but are wiling to find purpose, create value in themselves and build the confidence to attract the right partner for them.

They can connect with me through my website link and Facebook page
or send me a mail at info@preciousokundia.com. I am always available to help!

Pam: What should the world look forward to from you in the next 6 months?

Precious Okundia: So much by God’s grace. I am currently working on another book to teach the lady what she is made of. I am also working at creating more programs to reach out to many more ladies.

When I face a big challenge, I…

tell myself I was made for it!

The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as a person is…

Deciding to believe the word of God above religions, ideologies and traditions. Not minding the great people upholding them.
Second most courageous thing is deciding to stay sexually pure without my virginity.

If I could go back in time to when I started my business, I would tell myself…

to dream bigger, be more passionate and crazy about ladies enough not to have been worried about people calling me a feminist.

The best advice I have ever been given is….

Precious never leave God. He is obviously the life you live. By my mum.

My favorite business tool…

I have four of them ohh! My beautiful slim laptop, my Bible, my coffee mug, and my tender heart.

My favorite quote is….

That you are no virgin does not make you food for the less privilege.

That’s a sample of her ebook

To be honest I am wowed by this REVEAL, my prayer is that every lady who is broken finds liberation as she reads this. I know what it is like to live in constant fear of people seeing you in a different light from what they know you to be but DON’T LET THAT GET AT YOU. You were made for a purpose, it’s only man that can look down at you but not GOD.


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  1. nmaelinwa
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    This is a good piece Pam. Today’s revealed is almost related to a project I’m currently woring on. God bless you and continue to use you to reach out to the world.

    • Pamsotu
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      Thank God. Looking forward to what you are working on.

  2. Japheth Z.
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    Wow! This is really good.

    Proud of you precious.

    Well done Precious and PAM.👍

    • Pamsotu
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      Thanks for reading

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