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“don’t work out your NYSC posting ohhh, you don’t know if that’s where you will meet your husband or wife”


For me, pre-wedding sessions are meant to be fun and relaxing and that’s how this one went. 

This was my first time meeting Dami and Biodun and it sure didn’t feel like it. The theme for the shoot was INTIMACY, LAUGHTER and FUN but I think we all had more fun and laughter all thanks to Dami.

How did they meet? NYSC Ohhhhh….All of you that don’t want to serve…don’t go and miss out on your life partner ohhh… *joking*

“It all began in June 2012 in Abia state, how we started talking I can’t remember but we became good friends. I remember us talking a lot and he seeing me off after CDS, little did I know someone was catching feelings. I had to tell him the truth ohhh, I was in a serious relationship and well…that’s how he backed off.”

“We lost touch after we passed out, I couldn’t be bothered until 2015 when he messaged  me on Facebook. Surprisingly, he remembered my birthday and that’s how we got chatting again.”

Biodun: How have you been?

Dami: Fine…in Lagos with my family…

Biodun: …oh you married that guy/

Dami: *silence*

“…with everyday calls and stating how he wanted us to start a family”. I couldn’t deal as I was still healing even though I was praying and believing God that he is “THE ONE”. 

“The journey began November, 2015 and by March 2016, he casually asked me to be his wife and I thought he was joking”

***seriously Dami, you thought he was joking, who jokes with this kind of matter***

“Well…he popped the question by September, 2016 and…here we are counting down to officially becoming MR and MRS.”

I couldn’t have achieved this shoot alone without the help of Olupitan Olusanya Photography. For those who don’t know him, you better check out his works on Instagram. 

We started off shooting at Muri Okunola Park, with plenty laughter, Dami can be such a child…

From there, we went off to the beach and then I realized that Biodun can actually be playful too. 

Thanks to Olupitan Olusanya for such beautiful beach pictures. Trust me at this moment I was beyond tired. Benefit of team work.

And that’s how the day ended…

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  1. Damilola Aina
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    Thank you so much darling. You are so much fun to be with…Biodun and I are so in love with the pictures.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Glad to have met you and help you treasure such beautiful moments

  2. Ifeoluwa
    | Reply

    Wow!This is great.Its the Lord’s doing and its marvellous in our sight.HML.

  3. Lizzie
    | Reply

    Lovely pics 😍😍😍😍
    And happy couples🌹🌹🌹
    Excellent job@ Pamsotu

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply


  4. Bonet
    | Reply

    This is beautiful.. Congrats to you two. May God bless your home!

  5. kambai nuhu
    | Reply

    Hapi for u guys,blessed marriage i wish n pray for IJN.

  6. Adeiza
    | Reply

    I like…God bless this union

  7. hannah
    | Reply

    This is the Lords doing and it is marvellous to our eyes

  8. Orlaa
    | Reply

    Some how my heart is full!!!congrats Darling

    • Damilola Aina
      | Reply

      Thanks darling.😚😚😚

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