…From corper to gold…

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Life is in stages. Looking back I remember saying my byes to my primary school friends, then It was secondary school, university and now the nysc service year.
Most times we assume the service year is a total waste, but is it? I don’t think so.
Most times because of the wrong mindset we have about the service year, we don’t make any effort to make it worthwhile.
We take things for granted, waiting for each day to pass, looking forward to “pop”, claiming that “if not for service we would be doing other things”.
To those still serving or about to, the way you lay your bed is the way you will lie on top it.
Anyway, am using this opportunity to celebrate great friends with great minds.



People who made the service year an awesome time for me.



The service period would have been boring without my NCCF family. We sure do need one another.



The service year is enough time is bring about positive changes, start a business, establish your career, learn new things, be certified in other fields and enough time is make contacts cause you have no idea where the next level of that person is.



Every phase of life is important, make it count.




To all those who turned gold don’t hesitate to make your comments about your experience.

Stay fruitful.
Stay motivated.
Stay innovated.

9 Responses

  1. Anuoluwapo
    | Reply

    correct bae *wink!

  2. mykel
    | Reply

    In one word: My Service Year was LIFE CHANGING… I can’t forget my family in Kwara(NCCF) in a hurry.

  3. Chuddi
    | Reply

    my service year was eventful…. of all the experiences I was able to garner, the least and probably the most important of all was that I had to change my ideological perspective of people….I was able to learn never to over-estimate nor Underestimate people.. just Understand them.

  4. Olumide
    | Reply

    Service year was a ‘wow’ experience, totally mind-blowing. Of a truth…I turned gold afterwards because I really passed through a refining process. Sure it was worth it, and NCCF Kwara made it super-worth it

  5. oluwaseyi
    | Reply

    I love and celebrate you guys its been a wonderful time staying around you guys,n one wsy or the other you hav once been a blessing to me n to u pamilerin with d little time i spen
    t u,sincerely it means a lot to me,u migh not know though,bu just wana tell you that i love your simplicity and your originality,wish u all d best in all ur endeavours……i celebrate you all,i love u all and thr is absolutely nothing u can do about it……

  6. Adeshina Adewumi
    | Reply

    Nice one, Pamilerin Gold

  7. Olajumoke Akinlosotu
    | Reply

    We thank God for seeing you through the NYSC and also for what He did in your life.Looking back,I am sure you are glad for allowing God in handling your posting.To Him be the glory.Our prayer is that the most High God will order your step to the next stage of your life.PTL

  8. Adelakun Taiwo O.
    | Reply

    Service year was Great only because of the people God brought my way. Am so glad I met you all.

  9. Precious
    | Reply

    Was a truly humbling, exciting, God-full, beautiful, unforgettable and life-changing experience…. Lessons learnt and friends met will forever remain reference points… Thank You so much Lord, for the opportunity…

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