From hobby to Full-time Photographer

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Ride with me if you ready to take the next step from hobby to full-time photographer.
Usually the life of a hobbyist is one with a cheap beginners camera plus the kit lens.
With no knowledge about camera settings, lighting, or anything related to photography.
I am sure you don’t care about blogging or know anything about branding but not to worry, change is here.
I remember shooting my first official wedding event and all I had was my Canon 600D, my kit lens 18-55mm and a 270EX II speedlite flash and that was when I realized this was no longer a hobby, I needed to go professional.
This was taken at my first wedding event

What does it take to go professional?
You have got to love what you do. You need to get to the point where all you think, eat, breath is photography.
You have got to be ready to work everything in you out and that means putting in the hours and that requires lots of learning, creating and building your business and that’s a minimum of 10 hours per week. It is one thing to know the skill and it is another to know how to run the business.

Pictures taken at subsequent wedding events

There must be a willingness to keep getting better at the skill and it doesn’t just involve taking photos but also the post production of the photos.

Be willing to learn
“If being a professional photographer means not having something new to learn, then I don’t want to be a professional”. That’s my own belief and that’s because photography is an art and it requires a new touch everyday. Everyday, I learn how to run my business better, remember, you are not just a photographer. You can check out a previous post so that you don’t make common or similar mistakes that photographers make Visit this page

Develop a creative mind
In photography, you have got to be creative. You have got to discover your niche and develop it well. There’s no need photographing everything you see. If you love photographing babies, give it your all, think of different ideas and styles.

Build relationships
When I first started photography, I knew very few photographers and I still feel the same way because you have got to keep growing your network. You have got to network with other photographers especially those who have being in the field for years. Go through their Facebook page, check them out on Instagram, join groups and make comments that way you are increasing your network.
If you really want to grow not just your business, but establish a brand, you have got to connect with people.

Don’t be afraid to start small
“Nothing good comes easy” always be reminded of that. Someone said “it takes 10 years to build a brand”, I don’t know how true that is but if it is, I have got 8 years to go. It may seem like a lifetime, but little drops of water makes an ocean.
So start with what you have got and keep building it.
I have learnt to keep building in the face of challenges so don’t be afraid to give yourself the life that you deserve.
Great week ahead.

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