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Gbemi and Segun’s story is quite an interesting one. Although they are not the first couple to have met in church but…It’s interesting cause every member of the church knows their story cause the Pastor keeps using them as a reference point. 

For those who come to church and ignore the person sitting beside them, My prayer for you is that you won’t miss out on your future partner.

Did I hear a believing AMEN?

Well…they sat next to each other, said the regular “hello”, “hi” and continued with their business.

I don’t know why single brothers and sisters rush to go home immediately after church, it’s not like there is someone waiting for you.

You are probably going to hug your pillow.

Stay back, mingle, connect even if not for relationship purposes at least for business sake.

Well, thank God Gbemi and Segun stayed back if not…and thank God for friends that can see into the future.

Segun’s longtime friend Pastor Rotimi walks up and he’s like “Do you know each other?” Of course not, he decides to introduce them to each other. 

That’s how gist started ohhhh

Did I hear someone say DIVINE CONNECTION?

Receive yours NOW!!!!

From Segun’s view point, he said Gbemi kept laughing at his dry jokes which was a good sign for him. He found out they had a lot in common and SHARP YORUBA ANGEL decided to walk her to her car.

This are not the kind of conversations that you wait till next week Sunday. So he requested for her number and well…you know the rest of the story.

What caught his attention was the fact that she was easy to talk to as they had amazing conversations, just what the brother has always longed for, effortless conversations.

You will not struggle in Jesus name.

Well…all this started January 2016 and it’s LOVE LOCK DOWN next month. 

Some of you brothers, it’s been 5 years how many signs do you want to get to be sure that she is the one? 

Anyway, it’s none of my business I am just a photographer. 

It was great capturing their moments, if you are not familiar with Gbemi she may come across as not friendly but she’s the total opposite.

Isn’t she lovely?

Isn’t she beautiful?

You can tell that this two know how to have great moments together

Hold me close and don’t let me go

Cause I am yours to keep.

This happens to be one of my favorite pictures

SAVE THE DATE 25th and 26th AUGUST,2017.

I am sure you enjoyed taking out time to read this and also viewing the pictures. 

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    This one that you’re attacking we the brothers, it’s not fair oh!!! Lovely and beautiful piece as always..

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