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Oh well……I admit it’s been awhile.

Trust me, I miss this as much as you do. Even if you don’t say so, I know you do.

Trust me, being a student and an entrepreneur is not “bread and butter”. You will always have your hands full and still the same 24hours like everyone else. “Not fair right”, but life isn’t.

Well I did interview a friend sometime ago, that’s the link I can tell that from that time till date she has made drastic changes and improvements.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t settle for less, you have got to keep your game going.

Wait a second, writing this is making me see things in a different light. I believe everyone is an entrepreneur, your life is a business, your business and you have got to keep improving on it and making it better. You owe it to God to constantly keep pushing yourself to reveal the greatness in you.

That’s something we should all think about but back to GHABpro, she is a hairstylist, whose specialty is bridal hair, so future brides, don’t look too far away, your girl is right here and she also knows how to “beat” faces well, for those who don’t understand, she is a make up artist too. If you want to slay she’s got your back.

GHABpro decided to reveal her abilities since people now like to see before believing. Where’s your faith?

Well it was a great pleasure, creating, capturing and preserving those beautiful moments for her.

IMG_8780 IMG_8778

Where are the natural hair brides? You are also covered.

The insurance extends to you too.

IMG_8799 IMG_8795

IMG_8844 IMG_8846

You may not have an enterprise, but remember your life is a business and you can’t afford to settle for less or remain a mediocre. Get rid of the excuses and push through.

To the business people, you can’t afford to slack, stop focusing on how green your neighbor’s grass is and work at making yours greener. The competition is with yourself and no one else. Don’t be afraid to lift another up.

Did you just say I was talking too much?


I know you want to see pictures that’s fine, but I hope you get the gist.

IMG_8771 IMG_8743 IMG_8817 IMG_8756 IMG_8794 IMG_8839

That’s alright.

Did I hear someone say I need Miss GHABpro’s details? Guess I heard right.

Here you go!!!!!!

GHABpro is available on various social media platforms and can be reached via these platforms.

Instagram: @GHABpro

Twitter: @GHABpro

Facebook: GHABpro


Phone no: +447538584945

Am out!!!!!!!!!!



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    Cool post! Keep it up dear..

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      Thanks dear

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