Go for the best!!!!

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Don’t we all love weddings, and want to be settled with that one special person.
If you don’t want to, sorry oh but I do.
As a wedding photographer, I see alot and hear alot.
Thanks to the economy, we all have to work with a budget.
So the question is “What’s your top most priority for your wedding”?
Ladies!! Is it your gown?
Thank God the guys can always wear their suit.
The event hall???
Catering services?? Sure no one wants to attend a wedding and not get something to eat.
Event coverage services??
For me, coverage of the event is top most because people would eat and go, wedding would finish and you must leave the event hall, dazzling white dress would turn brown and the only reminder that the event took place would be moments captured.
But it’s so funny that most times people think of their photographer last and they come up with “we are trying to cut cost” like seriously “money got wings but not preserved memories”. After spending 250k on a hall you can’t leave in, you then tell your photographer that 150k is too much for a lifetime favour.
Abeg fear God!!!!
And in the bid of trying to cut cost, you go for a lesser price just because your friend now carries a camera around, my dear those pictures would hunt you.
It’s one thing to carry a camera around, it’s another to creatively create and capture moments.
Don’t go for someone who would just snap pictures, go for one that would creatively create and capture moments.
Place great value on your photographer, we also have bills to pay and dreams to achieve.
Happy Thursday!!!!

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