‘Hey! Be nice’

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No light! No fuel!
No sleep because of the extreme harsh weather condition
Trust me in such condition, you can barely think.
Three weeks back, I was at my cousin’s wedding and thank God I was nice to the make up artist if not, I won’t have had pictures for this post.



Most times we want others to greet us first, then we respond. Why can’t you make up your mind that no matter what, you would be the nice one. That’s one of the lessons life has taught me, to drop off whatever ego or self pride and be nice. You just don’t know who that person might turn out to be. Anyway, I get a call from him that he has a make up session and he would like me to shoot it, just imagine I decided to act ‘miss independent: I can do it all by myself” an opportunity would have being lost.




Truth is life is a learning platform where you get to interact and be of help and support to each other.
Stop being an island.
Stop being shy, you would just lose out on opportunities.
Events are good platforms to network and sell yourself but when you go about with “high shoulders” you then miss out.
Are you Interested in having a photo shoot with us? Feel free to contact us.
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Remember you can be in a better position than you are right now, so pray hard and work harder.
Keep having a great week, my joy is to impact your life with my ART.



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  1. Olajumoke
    | Reply

    Received a phone call this morning from Mrs Agada all the way UK and she said Uyo said you are a source of encouragement to him. My prayer is that God will continue to use you to affect souls for His Kingdom. More grace.

  2. Olufemi Shangobiyi
    | Reply

    Great work and well presented. Can’t wait to recommend you to friends.

  3. TEGA
    | Reply

    simply Amazing….living out ur dream is d best thing that can ever happen to a man…

  4. Esi Agada
    | Reply

    MamaP God will always lead you as you do your work. Just keep on in the Lord

  5. Esi Agada
    | Reply

    MamaP Uyo loves your work and he is encouraging you to continue in the good work.

  6. michael
    | Reply

    Keep up the good work friend…. I see yhu @ the top!

  7. pst darmy
    | Reply

    We met and I knew right there Pamilehin is loaded with matter ( something that’ll occupy this world).. keep it up dear nice work…. Am inspired

  8. Oluwadamilare
    | Reply

    Yeah!! You are one of the nicest people on earth, I know so. No waiting around, be the best. You inspire me too and I know this is just the beginning dear.

  9. Godwin izibili
    | Reply

    nice pics….good write you

  10. Oluwatomisin
    | Reply

    Awww…Pampam I love this,keep it up.

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