… I don port oh….

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Na so this guy don change network from single to married Hmmmm…
Guy na which time you too go port naw?
The first time I met Deji and Yetunde was on their wedding day and I could tell that they had been together for quite a while. I could see the love between them and the longing to remain one for the rest of their lives. The passion between them is amazing. I could tell from the smiles and laughter they shared.
Weddings are a once in a life time event. It is a beautiful day, memorable day, splendid day call it whatever you like It is a day where most of us look forward too.
You can tell from these pictures that Deji and Yetunde have longed for a long while to be ONE and stay together FOREVER.

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    Lovely work. I like.

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    Nice 1

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