Is it really just all about #goals?

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Everything now is goals related but I am particular about relationship goals.

Anyway, did you enjoy the last post would complete it tomorrow. Thanks for reading and do if you haven’t.

Back to the matter

Is it just I who has noticed that the only thing happening recently is either someone is getting engaged or married? Oh well…but that’s all I get to see these days and trust me social media isn’t helping ohhhhh

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*I know my pictures aren’t helping too but..*

All we do is tell ourselves “goals”. We give ourselves goals without knowing the battles and challenges involved.

Back then if you were 25 and not married, it wasn’t so much of a bother but now….my dear if you are 20 and there’s no BAE even if you don’t want to be bothered, Facebook and Instagram would torture you oh!!!!!!!

Please don’t get me wrong ohh!!!! I definitely don’t have issues with relationships.

But this is where a lot miss it: envying others without knowing their battles.

It’s good to admire couples but not envying them.

img_4510 img_4511

Don’t cry about not being in a relationship and don’t rush to be in one all in the name of goals. 

Please ohhhh…..can we stop giving ourselves unnecessary headaches especially we ladies. I know the matter is deep but still……

img_4577 img_4578

Not all pictures that glitters on Instagram and Facebook is real. Don’t allow it pressure you. 

Goals are good I tell you but when they are influenced wrongly then that’s where the problem lies.

 Anyway, I had massive fun with this two and before you begin to shout “goals”, know their battles.

img_4581 img_4582 img_4583

Your moments are secured with us as we turn them into memories!!!!!!

Thanks Ghabpro for such a lovely hair do and Von ruz for this nice dress

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