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Splendid evening to you (depending on what part of the world you are).

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You have all that it takes to stand out, do things differently and be at the top but it all depends on how you put your mind to use.

This week made me realise how powerful a tool the mind can be depending on what we channel it to.

The funny bit about it is that once we give room to negativity, it lingers on longer than when we choose to be positive.

The pictures below are captured shots of works done by a fashion student. Her heritage was her inspiration to getting her project done.

IMG_8789-Edit   IMG_8779-Edit

What are you doing with your heritage? What inspiration are you developing from your roots? Or do you just sit and complain about how bad the government is and what they are doing wrong?

If only you could see the opportunity in the problem, if only you could open your minds to countless opportunities.

Instead all you do is complain about your roots but yet, you have no plans to effect any change.

You want CHANGE, you have got to create it.

Also, for how long would we keep studying courses and not making impact. Every body is either an Engineer or an Architect. If not those then they are studying Computer Science, Medicine or Law. I don’t have a problem with that, but what impact have you contributed as a result of that knowledge?

What happened to creative arts, project design, fashion, music, entrepreneurship…they are countless.

IMG_8774-Edit IMG_8742-Edit   IMG_8792-Edit

We can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. “No es posible”

Have you got a skill, talent or idea? Develop it.

Don’t use capital or funds as an excuse, that excuse is outdated.

The problem is we want a million dollars, pounds or Naira, it won’t happen. You forget that little drops of water makes a might ocean. What have you being doing with your little drops?

That’s all for the motivation!!!!

I already feel motivated 😉😉

*Head shots*

IMG_8829-Edit IMG_8834-Edit IMG_8838-Edit IMG_8846-Edit

The team was made up of six talented, creative and beautiful ladies.


From my right; Ese – Hair dresser, Find her on Instagram @eahair

Haleema- Fashion student

Jhalesa- Fashion designer

Jazz – Model

Georgia – Makeup artist

Pamilerin – Photographer, Find her on Instagram @pamsotuphotography

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Remember GOD FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!










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  1. Japheth
    | Reply

    So so so inspiring! Great work…GOD FIRST

  2. Gloria David
    | Reply

    Wow wat a nice post.. am motivated too . Most times we tend to overethink and doubt ourselves and disbelieve our abilities as humans n how much we can actually do, instead we give into negative thoughts ,laziness and excuses.. And blame everything around us if no progress . We all hv to push ourselves n take risks to achieve what ever we want, to live a fulfilling life .

  3. wale
    | Reply

    Nice work pam pam, see you at the top soon

  4. Raphael Ogebule
    | Reply

    Always always in handy……. More ororo on your head……. I had the same thoughts when I woke up today…… People are learning a lot but the ability to connect the dots and make a meaning from the melody of information they received, is still an issue perturbing to me…. Today is bead learning, tomorrow is fashion design…. People go to school, spend 5 years or more and all they can boast of is their ability to work for an employer…..

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