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Has anyone told you that you look good when you smile talk more of when you laughing.
A good and sincere laugh has a way of easing the pain.
Do you agree with me, but I think laughing is a way of communication.
I’m just picturing a couple in love laughing or a group of friends laughing they need not say much but the laughter already shows they are understand each other. Beautiful scene I tell you.
Don’t let anyone take your smile away, laugh as much as you can.

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  1. RoyalTee
    | Reply

    You the one giving the green light now so I don’t know,but one thing I know you have captured it all.Just make it fun and we sure would be part of that fun.CHEERS.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Hmmm…would be more fun with your comments about the theme.

  2. Godz Heritage
    | Reply

    Yes pamsotu, u are very correct no doubt about dat. Its also a way of relieving stress n sorrowing. And d picx displayed are wonderful. Keep it rolling n enjoy God.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thanks my papa. I know you do well by laughing so keep at it.

  3. tomi
    | Reply

    Great job dearie.

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