…Little feet…

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What happened to the sound of childhood?
What happened to the joy of being a child?
What happened to the innocence you see in their eyes?



That little girl has been forced to grow up
That little boy had no choice than to be a man at ten
What happened to watching “barney and friends”?
What happened to watching “mother goose”?
Now all we see on television is love making scenes.
What happened to innocent cries?
We don’t hear that any more because they have been robbed off their childhood. They are filled with too much pain to cry out.
Hmmm….those little feet that could walk bare footed are now forced to wear shoes to avoid bruises.
Back then when story books were read and lights switched off and we would sleep soundly without fear oh how things have changed because even with the lights on they are scared to be left alone.


They are priceless.
They are adorable
They are pleasant.
Their smiles, their laughter, the bond they create are sincere.
They understand true friendship.
They don’t have the time to keep malice or stay angry.
They are young at heart.
Don’t kill their spirit.
Don’t ruin their joy.
Save that little feet
If you save a child, you have saved a generation



We create| We capture| We preserve

4 Responses

  1. Folarin Olalekan
    | Reply

    Awesome piece Pamsotu. Our children are forced to grow and not enjoy the charm of their childhood.

  2. Olajumoke
    | Reply

    Could this be part of the end time event?We are indeed depriving our children the blessings of childhood. God have mercy.

  3. Olumide
    | Reply

    Do to a child what you think you missed as a child and you will be procuring a better tomorrow

  4. Tayo
    | Reply

    these are nice….u shld pay for using my babies

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