Lively Stones: MAKE IT HAPPEN

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Oh yes!!!!!!!!! Lively Stones made it happen and trust me, it was awesome. 

Lively Stones

Hello people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story teller is back at it again. Some time back we revealed Yemisi Ajeojo the founder of Lively Stones. 

You know what to do to know more about Lively Stones, if you don’t well…just click the link.

Anyway, she spoke about their very first event “Make it Happen” and YES!!!!!!!!!!!! they did make it happen. 

Basically, it was a networking and seminar event for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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At the event, we were able to meet the likes of Dorothy Oginni, a digital marketer and business strategist for online businesses. She is also the founder of

lively stones

She is so chilled I must confess and easy going at that and I tell you, she knows her onions.

Also, we had Kanayo Eruchalu, founder of as well as which is a business management consultancy.

Lively stones

Lastly, Theo Thompson, a social media consultant and founder of Nourish Social

I realized that all the speakers knew their onions, Lively Stones ensured they offered the BEST. It’s not just about organizing events and making money, it’s about offering VALUE to people.

Although it was a paid event, the knowledge gained outweighed the money paid. Lively Stones ensured that every attendee had a name tag and gift bags.

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It breaks my heart when people find it hard to pay for what will benefit them but don’t mind getting entertained by a celebrity. No offense ohhh…just my thoughts.

But on a serious note…platforms or seminars like this, are highly beneficial. Some people won’t attend meetings like this and they still will not buy books to read. I am afraid of you ohh…later you will say you don’t know how successful people are doing it, how will you know?

Anyway, like I said, it was a platform to network.

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There were opportunities to ask questions from the panel created,

Lively Stones

and the day ended with pictures more group pictures 

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What did I learn? Networking is key, I can’t overemphasize that, you can’t network without creating relationships, you can’t network with your mouth shut. 

Another thing is VALUE, that’s what makes you stand out. Most times it’s not about the money, when you offer VALUE, money will instantly FOLLOW YOU. 

That’s all from me.

To stay updated with the happenings at Lively Stones, click on the first link, it contains links to their social media platforms.

If there’s anything I want you to go away with is “OFFER VALUE,MONEY WILL FOLLOW”.

Much Love,

Story teller Pam.

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