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WELCOME TO JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a month since this duo said I DO but well…it’s not too late to share their love journey.

I just have to share this because this happened to be my first military wedding coverage.

A military man can actually take orders from civilians all you need is the right situation and environment.

Oden can confirm that….

Ugochi and Oden are not new to the blog and we are not tired of them. Their white wedding was held at Kaduna.

White weddings can be a bit boring cause the procedures are…well…almost same everywhere, but the military touch made this stand out.

We started the day as usual with the normal wedding preparations, capturing little but significant details. 

For those who can’t comprehend the deal about wedding dresses, I mean you only get to wear it once but that’s the deal in it.

Although the male folks don’t have too much going on with them, their moments must be treasured


I know the uniform is worth tripping for but the process involved is…well…not palatable

I used to think all military men were mean and to be dread but Oden is one of the exceptions but don’t get on his wrong side.

I didn’t think he could get that angry until…

If not for LOVE ehnnn…but it’s interesting to know that under the right situation you can get a military man to obey a “bloody civilian”

The anger didn’t last for long, as soon as his bride walked in, Oden was back to being a happy man

This thing they call love ehnnn…until you come to a full and in-depth understanding of it, you may never be able to understand certain sacrifices individuals have made. 

It was time for daddy to hand over and Ugochi just kept beaming with smiles

The Reverend was very practical and blunt and kept cracking everyone up. Thereby making the job easier by capturing smiles.


Marriage is not just the joining of two hearts but two families

The parade was the highlight for me



On getting to the reception was another beautiful entrance, not the usual dancing in to the hall.

With Oden gracefully leading and holding onto his wife.

But this military people have too many protocol ohhhh….


It was time to play a game: the shoe game, I can’t remember how many questions they were asked but they only missed one. I didn’t expect less, fifteen years of being together is no joke ohhh.

It was time to cut the cake but you know military people and the way they do their own.

They had to go and bring sword ohhh, that he is meant to use it to protect his wife and cut the cake.

Well…the day ended with lots of dancing



I am sure you enjoyed taking out time to read this and also viewing the pictures. 

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