….making every moment count…

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It took me time to decide on the title of this post and finally settled for this. I believe your week started well like mine did. Am glad you are alive to read this.
Imagine you drop dead now, would you be adding to the graves wealth? That’s just something for you to ponder on.
Are you counting the moments or are you making them count?
As you all know 20 children can’t be friends for 20 years. At every point in our lives we meet new people, make new friends and that’s how life is.
But what happened to that friend of years back? Change of location? Guessed as much or was it distance? Well it’s part of life. It doesn’t mean they are no longer important but…
Nothing lasts forever, people come and people go.
Just ensure you cherish and appreciate every moment, memories, opportunities and relationships.
Imagine you are watching a video of yourself would you be satisfied with the main character and its actions.
Keep enjoying your week and make your moments count.

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