Michael Parker Longdon at 21

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Michael Parker Longdon popularly known as Mpl turned 21 and yes it was a big deal. The things my eyes has seen in this country ehnnn…I remember mentioning that the age 21 is a big deal in this part of the world.

When the females are celebrating their 21st, it’s a different ball game ohhhh….If you aren’t careful you could mistake theirs for an engagement party. 

Anyway, I know Mpl to be very classy and tush but he blew me off with his birthday party. Everything was so on point ohhh…I wonder what his wedding would be like. Anyway, till then. 

You know I love to tell stories, everything about Mpl’s birthday was buff from his grand entrance to the cake to the event as a whole. 

For those who know Mpl, you must know that he loves music but I didn’t think he was going to have a worship session done for him ohhhhh……The venue was reflection of his faith in God and love for music.

I was just amazed at the worship to be honest, especially in this day and age when young people don’t want to be known as Christians. 

Double thumbs up Michael Parker Longdon 


I am sure social media heard it from these guys…

Mpl Mpl

The expressions you have on your face when you know they are getting the musical notes right and the worship is deep.

Mpl Mpl Mpl

You know normally it’s the bride’s entrance that we all pay attention to, but Mpl’s will be different ohhhhhh anyway…everyone was looking smashing and stunning, for the first time I was tired of being an event vendor, not like tired tired before some people will say let “Pamsotu photography” rest. 

I didn’t ask you to put me on rest ohhhhhh…..

Anyway…when you have like 80 people come for a dinner just to celebrate you, then you know you are the real deal.

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His love for music was reflected in his cake oh boy!!!!!!!! I was taken aback, you know those cakes that you don’t want to cut, yes….

Mpl Mpl Mpl

With his customized shirt, it wasn’t obvious but it was noticed. 

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Do you know why I love events, weddings and parties to be specific cause of candid moments like this and the best part is when they come out in black and white.

3o9a7752 3o9a7757 3o9a7759 3o9a7769 3o9a7772 3o9a7795

It was a classy night…with lots of more candid moments

3o9a7836 3o9a7840 3o9a7895 3o9a7766

and more posed pictures

3o9a7981 3o9a7986 3o9a7990 3o9a7996 3o9a8006 3o9a8009 3o9a8010 3o9a8029 3o9a8034 3o9a8035 3o9a8038

This is what happens when you have the “Best Team” as friends and you all are instrumentalists

3o9a7977 3o9a7969


I think Mpl’s sister will make a great event planner, she sure did a great job

3o9a7771 3o9a8013 3o9a8014

Oh well….it was another beautiful event.

We sure do love making your moments count and preserving them into beautiful memories.

Continously telling stories!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Esther (Zulaikha)
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    Well done Pam! You did an awesome job. Love the pictures but I also love how you told the story behind it. 😇. May God continue to increase your ministry!

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thanks love.

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