Monday lover

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Hello monday lover
It is raining presently at my location and trust me, I am loving the rain but I am not making sleep my best friend and I hope you are not also.
it’s monday so stop dragging those legs of yours, and get busy.
The week has started, the clock is ticking and not waiting for anyone.
I remember in January when we were all shouting “happy new year” with so much ginger to get started, writing resolutions, with goals and dreams to attain.
With so many projections……..
Is the ginger still there or has the fire gone cold?
Or was it just the excitement of the arrival of a new year?
You don’t want to be saying “merry Christmas” with regrets written all over you because of unattained goals and dreams.
It’s not to late to kick off and start up again.
Maybe business hasn’t really been going too well but remember where you started and how far you have come.
Don’t spend too much time reading the book of lamentations, find a solution to that problem.
I analysed an instance to a friend imagine you had to walk 5 km and at kilometer 3 you got discouraged and wanted to go back to your starting point, what you failed to realise was the strength needed to go back is the same needed to finish up.
You have come too far to give up. So why not get up on your feet, remind yourself of those goals and dreams and bring the reality out of them.
Remember success is not a gift, it is something you work for.
I am sure this words are not new to you but you sure do need a reminder.
The key to unlocking those potential is in your mind, starve it from those negative thoughts and make a move.
I am a monday lover, I don’t know about you.
Great day ahead!!!!!!

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