Natural Hair Beauties

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Today’s post is all about natural hair, shout out to ladies who are comfortable with their natural hair and proud of it.


For those who say “natural hair is not for me” girl!!!!!!! You need a rethink.

Please don’t come up with that line “my hair is hard or it’s strong”. It’s not STONE!!!!!!!!

How can something that grows on your body not be for you? Like seriously!!!!!

IMG_9287 IMG_9326

Your hair is everything but hard, ugly, messy and the various “annoying” terms people like to use.

Your hair is beautiful, embrace it.

Your hair is thick, fall in love with it.

Your hair is versatile, be creative with it.

Your hair is kinky, take care of it.



For ladies with relaxed hair, I love you any day, anytime. I just don’t want you having the wrong ideas or perception about your actual hair texture.😘😘😘😘😘

Beyond the hair, the whole idea is, appreciate yourself, love yourself, love your skin tone, love you for you.

DO NOT give anyone the right to look down on you or intimidate you, by the way, you are not in competition with anyone but YOU.

A passage in the bible Songs of songs 4 : 7 “You are beautiful in every way…there is no blemish on you” so what is your stress?

There is nothing wrong in being “black”, there is nothing wrong in being African, inspite of the negativity, at least these ladies are Africans.


With Pamsotu photography there are no dull moments, every shoot is fun, every shoot is memorable, every shoot is unique.




Keep having a great week.

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  1. Natu
    | Reply

    Love it!!!

  2. Chucks'
    | Reply

    Great. Blessings!

  3. Olumide Osokoya
    | Reply

    I just love the smiles…..and the hair

  4. Chibundu Andy
    | Reply

    Lovely. We have very reason to be proud of who we are.

  5. macoy michael mark
    | Reply

    wow!mixed blessings

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