Niyo Hair: Ambassadors

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My apologies to CEO Niyo Hair, I know that this post is long over due.

Well…for those who don’t about this brand, well you are definitely missing out on something AMAZING. If you are in the United Kingdom, you need to associate with this brand.

Niyo Hair is not new on the website, as the brand and it’s owner has been previously FEATURED by A Chat with Pam.

For those who don’t know, A Chat with Pam is an online platform that is passionate about African Women and those who we have featured seem to be running with the same vision.

Last year, Niyo Hair attained a milestone by having its own ambassadors, five beautiful, amazing, focus driven African Women.

I am a woman!!!

I am African!!!

A queen with beauty and brains.

I am  focused and determined.

I turn my back to adversary.

I focus on the truth.

A queen crowned with the glory of Christ!

A woman of integrity!

Niyo Hair


A woman of glory!

I am untouchable!

I am immovable!

I am authentic! 


I am Tanaka!!!

I am from Zimbabwe!!!

I am Sandy!!!

I am intentional!!!

I know what I want and I go for it.

I sit with authority!!

I am destined for greatness!!!

I am African, proudly African!!!

I look difficulty in the face and laugh.

I am a woman, my womb doesn’t just bear children.

It releases greatness and fulfills purpose.  

We are sisters, sisters from Zimbabwe.

As sisters, we offer our shoulders for others to lean on.

No competition, Yes collaboration!!!!

We are African women, we stand together as one.

I am Caroline!!

Motherly and warm.

I am free, free to love, free to live, free to laugh.

I am focused.

I am bold.

I am an African Woman.

I am Malawian.

I am black and nothing cracks me.

Not discouragement, not challenges.

Instead they are stepping stones to greatness.

I am Vanessa.

I am unique. 

I smile cause its welcoming.


Don’t mistake a serious face for a frown. 

I run my goals with passion.


Yes we are sisters

I am Esther!!!

I don’t need say much cause my name defines me.

I am graced with wisdom and beauty.

I look up to the hills, where my help comes

A woman of many talents.

A woman of peace.

A woman of love. 

And guess what, I am Nigerian!!!!

They know their worth!

They know they are worth more than mere rubies!

They are women of excellence!

They are majestic!


We are African Women, no regrets.

We are strong women.

We know our worth and we move with that mindset.

Well, the joy is to continue to celebrate and promote African Women.

As a startup entrepreneur, you are not too small to start doing great things.

As a human being, you have everything in you to run with greatness.

As a woman, you have more than enough to Inspire, Motivate and Empower generations.

As an African woman, you automatically standout, you nee to know that everything about you is unique.

Shout out to every woman out there, keep doing great things.

Shout out to MVA Jewels another strong brand in the United Kingdom for supplying the accessories. 

To you Oyinkansola, I am super duper proud of you. Keep shining, mama misses you.

Great week to you and thanks for reading. 

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