No struggle…No progress

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Am sitting down picturing a class setting and I can imagine a teacher asking her grade 6 students if they would like to struggle, you already know the answer, No ooooooo.
How then do we make progress?
How then can we make our dream of change a reality?
Your character, your courage is formed as a result of the challenges you have had to face and overcame.
I don’t know about you, but I have been in difficult situations where I felt like giving up and I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the day as a result of the challenges, but days have passed and looking back, I have made progress, become stronger and gotten better because I refused to lose hope in God and give up on myself.
So my dear, whatever it is you are going through is just a phase and you would scale through.
Like the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you would only make you stronger’.
There is this legend I admire so much and if not for his struggle, no progress would have been and the injustice would have continued. Are you still trying to guess? Nelson Mandela and I am not telling you his story, that’s why you have google, make him your best friend.
South Africa is where it is as a result of his struggle and persistence. 27 years in prison is no joke but it sure paid off.
How much effort and time are you willing to put in to make your dreams, your goals, your aspirations a reality please am not saying you should do some negative act oh.
How persistent are you willing to be?
How unstoppable are you ready to get?
Faith without works is dead. Dreams without actions is vain.
Why dream when you won’t act on it?
It’s not going to be easy and that’s no curse.
Great things take time. The time to walk the talk is now.
That’s a picture of Winnie Mandela behind bars, she also believed in the struggle.


Imagine all Mandela did was talk or just dream or just had his thoughts as wishes…you know the outcome, apartied would have continued, dark skinned people would still be looked down on .
His house has become a monument site everyone wants to see where the legend lived.



In the background of the picture below is a man saving the life of a young boy who was shot.

What would be said of you when you are long gone?
What would people remember you for?
Enough of the story, I am sure you get my point.
Can you see the power of dreams? Can you feel the strength of being passionate?
27 years imprisonment couldn’t stop him.
If you have being acting like the tortoise who hides it’s head when it’s not convenient, the time for change has come, bring out the lion in you, hold your head up high and say ‘YES I CAN’.

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  1. Victor
    | Reply

    This article has made my morning, thanks for sharing. We all have to believe and act and not be passive to our dreams and aspirations… Thumbs up ma dear

  2. PhotoNaija
    | Reply

    An interesting write up we should all identify with. Indeed there is no progress without some form of struggle .

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Jumoke Akinlosotu
    | Reply

    I can see God taking you to greater heights to affect the life’s of both young and old.I am blessed.More grace.

  4. Ekeh I Alex
    | Reply

    make u stronger”. This
    strikes a chord to me.
    Anyways,it’s not about
    getting to d top, its about “if
    u have d capacity to stay at d
    top”. Challenges help us
    build capacity to sustain
    God’s blessings. There are
    blessings God wount give us
    if we haven’t developed the
    capacity to handle them.
    developed that Capacity
    through the struggles he had
    been through. Challenges
    provide us wit opportunity to
    Never give up in the face of
    that challenged, BE STRONG
    AND COURAGEOUS, And that
    promised land will definitely
    become yours.
    Celebrate You.

  5. Esi Agada
    | Reply

    God bless you MamaP

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