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There was a time they were seen as an abomination
People felt they brought about bad luck
No mother prayed to have them
Because she knew her joy would be cut short
But someone fought for a change which is why you can see this pictures.




We all are shouting we need change
How have you contributed to ensuring there’s a change?
The armed robber in jail started from stealing pencils back in primary school
You collect bribe and you complain the governor is stealing government money
Like seriously!!!!!!
We all are leaders in our various homes, offices, schools and the rest
If the father can fix his home
If the MD can instill integrity to his company
I doubt we would be having issues
We all have a role to play for change to come



Start doing something significant and leave a mark.

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  1. Esi Agada
    | Reply

    This is true my darling. I pray we all play our role big or small.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Love you mummy

  2. Jumoke Akinlosotu
    | Reply

    Serious Food for thought for both young and old. The Lord will help us all particularly we believers. God’s grace.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Love you mama

  3. Ayo Akinlosotu
    | Reply

    This is very good. It started as if a poem. Keep thinking it over that you may write it full. God’s grace.

  4. ifeanyi alex
    | Reply

    we must all begin to THINK RIGHT AND LIVE RIGHT, then the change we so desire will come upon us suddenly, and like a wild fire spread out to swallow every atom of corruption in our society.
    Nice work pami

  5. macoy
    | Reply

    Take a look at urself in the mirror and make a change.

  6. Oke Ayobami
    | Reply

    Good 1 Ma P. Change starts 4rm each person. We all are responsible for making this +ve change become a reality.

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