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Happy new week!!!!!



I wish I didn’t just hear these words, but allowed them sink deep down. I would have saved myself from all the jealousy, envy, tears of crying about not having a talent and all of that.

I am sure someone out there has felt as though they didn’t have any talent, oh well, I did and trust me, like I said, I cried a lot about it and I tell you, the reason I couldn’t see mine was cause I kept comparing myself with others and seeing how green their grasses were instead of focusing on mine.

To those who feel as though they haven’t got any talent, I am throwing this question to you : WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT?

I found out that I am very passionate about ART from photography to writing to singing *covering my face* to other things. Some of which came natural to me, others I have had to work hard at and some am still working hard at.

For some their Talent comes NATURAL to them, for others it’s an interest or skill they have had to work hard at.


For the next post, I would show you the link I found between passion and purpose.

I am open to counter opinions. Drop the comments!!!!!!!!!!!

Until then 


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