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I’m imagining myself as a radio presenter and I will do well oh.
Good morning great people, it’s raining heavily where I am and all I could think of is “peace”.
Peace is not the absence of trouble, pain or war. It’s actually the ability to be calm in the presence of all this.

Looking at this baby, he looks so peaceful.
I wish you such peace. Have a peaceful day.

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  1. Oluwadamilare
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  2. Israel
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    Yea….This is a true Picture of Peace… Love the write-up also. Can’t wait to be a Daddy…imagine that baby finding His Peace on my Chest ;)…

    • Pamsotu
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      And I can’t wait to take pictures…..excited about my future.

  3. omoluabi
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    Hummm i see peace and calmness…..beauty

  4. Bukayo
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    wow!!! nice work sis! God bless you n your camera ;D

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