Pretty but not empty

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To all monday haters sorry but it is inevitable
So prepare like I am preparing.
I think this is a special one to my female folks
Guys before you run, you can share with a friend so chill.

I like when I see a pretty face with a smart brain, it makes a lot of sense.


So my model is studying neuroanatomy and she also tutors in her school,
Hmmm, smart girl.
Don’t forget that BEAUTY + BRAINS = WINNING



Hey babe, you are worth more than just a pretty face and a lovely body.
Who says you can’t top the class?
Who says you can’t shine in your profession?
That statement “use what you have to get what you want”, who told you it’s your body they were referring to?
Hello!!!! You got brains, you are smart, talented and gifted.
That pretty face is not for seduction.
I know guys are moved by what they see but they also need an intellectual mind they can reason with.
The appealing outlook is a plus.
Guys trip when their babes are representing positively.
Madam what kind of guys have you been meeting?



One other thing, ladies stop all this competition with the guys cause there’s actually no competition. If you have to compete, compete with yourself.
Anyway, my weekend was awesome and my model was cooperative.
This are a few pictures.






I love my passion. I love my profession. I love creating and capturing moments and I love getting paid for my services.
Happy Week people.

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  1. Tomi
    | Reply

    nice one dear. all ladies need to start thinking this way.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thanks dear
      You can pass the word around.

  2. Olumide
    | Reply

    Awesome….! At first I thought that was ‘Chidinma’. Beauty is very deceptive, but with an outstandingly smart woman by your side, you’ll keep falling in love again and again

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