…somebody’s hero…someone’s first love…

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When Mummy needs someone to put the kids in order she calls on you.
When the kids needs to be corrected, you are the best option.
When we hear that deep voice, we know where it is coming from.
When we hear the car horn, we know the next thing to do…put the house in order.
Most times you carry this serious face about and even if we want to hug you we have to think twice.
I wonder why you give the impression that you don’t care.
A little expression of your emotions would go a long way.
I know you’re not hard hearted cause I see the way you hold that little one with so much care and love.



And concerning that serious face, I now understand that you thinking about lots of things so that we can be comfortable.
I see the way you hold the hand of your little girl and kiss her on the forehead telling her you adore her.


Which is why when she tells you about a boy you act funny cause you don’t want to lose your little girl.

Trying to picture the look in your eyes when you first held your little boy, that’s a look that money can’t buy.


And even when you scold him, it’s just because you desire a better you in him.
Even as busy as you can be, those little times you spend with us we cherish them forever.
Just to remind you that you are somebody’s hero and first love and that won’t change.

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  1. macoy
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    Am so loving this Pami!U re d Best!

  2. Jay
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    Nice work

  3. Jay
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    Lovely…. FATHERS

  4. oyinbo oatunde
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    Beautiful peace…. keep it up!

  5. Olayemi
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