…stinking thinking…

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“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon” .
” I had to drop out ’cause I lost my parents”.
“There’s no job out there”.
Who tell you?
“Things aren’t moving”.
Move am naw.
“Cash no dey flow”.
Push am.
“I no go school”……
Abeg abeg!!! Enough of the stories that touch the heart.
Excuse me oh!!! No be only you.
But seriously, is that enough reason to give up on yourself, life and purpose?
Shey you no get dreams?
Wetin dey do you?
All those excuses no follow oh!
There’s a city that keeps bursting my head on a daily basis and that’s because of what that city has been able to achieve just within a few years.
That’s where you can find the world’s tallest building, the most expensive and only seven star hotel etc.
The area is known to be a desert yet they are using water to do wonders and entertain people.
The funny part is, despite all they have achieved they don’t feel like they have arrived.
Enough of the stinking thinking!
Remember: “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.
What gives me joy is that if humans can do all this, then I can do more cause I carry God’s spirit in me!
Have a blessed week; See you at the top!

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  1. Olajumoke Akinlosotu
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    Except a man see the way God sees,he will continue to complain.May God continue to grant you wisdom to affect your generation.

  2. Potter
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    Dubai is a great inspiration to me to. The Human spirit is so strong, so that whatsoever it can concieve, it can achieve. This tells me then, that there is no reason to Fret, because we are more Powerful than we can dear to imagine.

  3. 'Ronke
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    I agree with you.
    No excuse can justify anything. Ther realisation of the IT factor we carry (God) is what propells us to success. 😀

  4. mykel
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  5. Bukayo
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    lol, nice one Pamilerin n true talk sis, @Ronke I totally agree wih you too, we do av a supernatural advantage when it comes to our dreams,purpose n life and that is God. thanks dear this , God bless!

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