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Trust me it is not an obsession. I am just of the opinion that every child is important and so is their moments which is why I do my best in capturing and preserving them and if you think about it, they are the future and if we don’t make them know that they are important, special, valuable and of great worth, they will grow up with the wrong mentality.

Quite alright the system is messed up but what we offer to this ones is very important, if we want a change it would have to start from the home, it would have to start with the mindset we input into these young ones.
The annoying part is that the people to pass on value to them, don’t have one for themselves.

We don’t want a society with polluted minds, or low self esteem images.
We want a society with strong minds, confident characters and people who would stand for the truth and maintain their integrity no matter what.

You may not have a kid of your own, but you got a cousin, niece or nephew. You have the right to offer them value but remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.
For a change to occur, it has to start from you.
Start building yourself so as to be able to build another.

Special shout out to all those who got married today, God bless your union.
To those who are yet to and went to rejoice with them, yours will also come, just be patient people will buy your own “aso ebi”.
To the photographers who went to capture their moments, celebrate you oh!!! I hope someone is capturing yours too.

It’s another week tomorrow, I wish you the very best of life with no sorrow added to it.
Have a lovely week ahead.

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  1. queensley
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    Awesome pixs

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Thank you. Looking forward to something better for you by His grace.

  2. Silvanus
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    Awesome pictures! Proudly Pamsi!

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