The Power of Love

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Happy New Month!!!!!

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To my fellow Nigerians, “Happy Independence day”. Unfortunately, I am not here to talk about independence, I have chosen something different.


Why Love? Oh well…cause Love is all we need and I love you.

Imagine a world filled with genuine love for one another, there won’t be all these killings, racism, and the likes.


“Love is patient, kind, always believing, always hoping, never gives up, not proud, rude, selfish….”

I am sure a lot of us know this, but practicing it, is the deal.

Anyway, some talented creatives and I recently collaborated for a shoot titled “The power of love”. It went so beautifully well that you would actually think that they were actually couples.

The laughter….





The striking poses…

img_4559 img_4558


My love for black and white




Love is beautiful I tell you, it knows no bounds because it is a CHOICE and not a feeling. The power of genuine Love is undeniable, it overcomes whatever challenges that comes its way.

The intimacy….

img_4568 img_4582

At the end, it was seeming like a pre-wedding or engagement shoot whichever you choose to call it. We ensure that the moments are captured and preserved into long lasting memories.

Anyway, we ended the day with the following pictures


img_4627  img_4619img_4631 img_4626

Oh well…I had so much fun.

Anyway, beyond the man-woman relationship, it’s important to show love to everyone, treat each other with respect by accommodating the differences.

To those getting married soon, this could be you. Don’t worry your moments are secure with us.

Keep having a great month!!!!!!

I challenge you to be the best you have ever been this month.  

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