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Good morning people, the photographer and radio presenter is in the house.
Ermmm… I’m at this camp program presently and something caught my attention. I see a grown up girl crying and why was she crying because she misses her family.
Hmmm… I miss mine too you know.
Where am I driving at? Family is everything, it is the bedrock of life.
Some people go about hating their dad or mum just because they left them at a young age, what if you didn’t have them at all? At least you got someone to call “mum” and “dad”.
What about that sibling of yours which you have neglected for a long while just because you felt she or he was too selfish to care. You feel your pain and anger is justified but it can never be compared to the loss and emptiness you would feel if they were gone forever.
They can be annoying at times but appreciate them and celebrate them while you still have them everything together is what makes the moments we share.
Bridge that broken relationship, show some love, call that one you haven’t spoken to in a while and free your heart from the hurt.
Do you know why there is no special day to celebrate families because it means everything and there is nothing like it.
This is dedicated to my wonderful family, love you to pieces.
Do not hesitate to celebrate yours, I just did.

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  1. ebun
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    Dis is so true.

  2. Olajumoke Akinlosotu
    | Reply

    Your message was very inspiring to me this morning.My prayer is that God will continue to use you to make a difference and be a shining light to your siblings and the whole world.Love You.Mummy

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Love you mama.

  3. Oluwadara Akinlosotu
    | Reply

    It is inspiring to me and interesting also.love dara.

    • Pamsotu
      | Reply

      Love you too dara

  4. Oke Ayobami
    | Reply

    Preach… Your words keep me in deep thoughts. Having more of this would make the world a better place. Kudos

  5. Adeshina Adewumi
    | Reply

    It was indeed very inspiring. I usually don’t find time to read through or comment fully, but I had to do so today. Kudos dear.

  6. Oluwadamilare
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