Things I wish I knew before starting my photography business.

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I have been shooting for two years now and it has not being without mistakes and challenges, but the fun part about mistakes is that you learn from them.
There have been days of crying as a result of difficult clients and slow progress but it hasn’t put an end to the drive.
I would be sharing a few things, and I hope you get to learn from them.

1. Success is not a gift
For someone who had no idea of how to run a business and had poor marketing skills, I realized that success required lots of hard work. I felt jobs would just come my way but it doesn’t happen that way. There are a million and one photographers out there and you have got to work your way to the top.

2. You are not just a photographer
Having great photography skills is awesome but it is not a guarantee of a successful business. I wish someone told me that earlier. In running a business especially if you starting alone, there are lots of hats to wear and they include being a photographer, customer service expert, book keeper, marketing director, social media whiz, branding dude, website creation person,secretary, treasurer and CEO.That’s a whole lot alright but you have got to make it work.

3. Lots of patience is required
Like we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day but we don’t want to experience that in business but the truth is that it takes time to get good at photography. It takes time to get good at marketing. It takes time to get good at customer service and lots of time to get good at business organization. So try not to be too hard on yourself like I was cause it can lead to depression.
If things aren’t happening fast, don’t worry, just keep working at it.

4. Be a people person
Photography business is a people business irrespective of your niche. Work on your people skill, you can’t afford to shy away. The more you interact with people the more you can push your business.

5. Relax with the Gear craving
Quite alright, a good gear is a plus but don’t get caught up in the never-ending cycle of buying stuffs in the name of “helping your business”. With photography, it’s even more dangerous because it’s not hard convincing oneself that if you had a better lens, you’d take better photos, and your business would be more successful.
I felt same too but the gear is only a tool, learn to make the most of what you have.

6.Marketing or Death
I wish I knew about this earlier, my business won’t have suffered this much. We all have great ideas,we start a blog, a website, a business and stay optimistic. But optimism without marketing would yield no results. So you write, upload pictures in the bid of trying to create a stunning online presence, publish it and….still nothing happens.
Marketing is showing people that what you’re doing is interesting and valuable. You have a website, a name and logo, that’s a good start but the real work comes in telling people about yourself and what you do.

So I am done talking, it’s your turn.
What do you wish you knew before starting your photography business?
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