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Where do I start from? 

Hmmm….well…April has been amazing in every way and trust me I don’t mind having another April.

Onto the main gist for today, how do I start narrating the love journey between Precious and Joseph. 

Thanks to A Chat with Pam, that’s how I met Precious and trust me, we just connected like we had known each other for years. We talked about everything, including her upcoming wedding ceremony. She talked about it so casually, without any form of stress and worry. Somewhere in my head, am like I wish I can be like that. 

Thanks to Precious and Joseph, I had the opportunity to travel down to Edo state and it was an awesome time capturing their love moments. 

Imagine entering a bus for 40 Naira, that won’t happen in Lagos

For me, the best part was experiencing a different traditional wedding, Yorubas you need to learn work ohhh…

We started the day with the usual pictures of the bride preparing for her day

Precious kept calling her “booboo” as she fondly calls him, to ensure he doesn’t come late or forget anything.

Brides can worry sha….

Brides can be very funny I must confess, one moment she was all smiling and jolly, the next moment I saw tears and trust me naw, I took a picture quickly.

Then she settled for laughing again…


I love black and white pictures for all the reasons in the world, these are just my favorites

Sugar and honey is part of the Benin culture, it’s more like a prayer for the couple that their marriage would be sweet.

That’s a lot of sweetness I must confess.

Joseph happens to be a geek but with his bride, he is a total different person. I believe that’s what love does.

We continued the next day with the bridal preparation…at least no tears

The usual “entering the car” picture. I think it’s more like a reminder that you are changing location. 


Why do couples act shy when the groom is asked to unveil his bride?

We all know what happens next after the unveiling…

I deliberately decided not to show you the moment. 


With Precious around, Joseph is no geek at all

When your groomsmen have got no chill

For me, this picture was the peak of it all, when I captured this, I knew it was time to stop clicking. 

I had a wonderful time at Benin and trust me I am excited at the many more Edo brides we would be capturing in the future. 

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  1. Ofofonono Akpan
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    Congratulations Sir, AFCS family wishes you a Happy Married Life

  2. Lucky Obasuyi
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    Awesome read! Job well done!!

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